Yanko Design Top 50 – Best of 2013

If we reflect upon the trends predicted for 2013, then some of the prophecies have come true. For example, Contextual Design is no longer a buzzword and neither is it just restricted to user application. With research tools at their easy disposal, a consumer is no longer taken in by marketing ploys. Authenticity in the design, value, emotional context and above all simplicity; designs that reflect these core ethics have made their place in the free market.

As the judge of the red dot awards: design concept last year, these predicted trends were evident in the projects that were presented to the jury. Function and not frivolous design, materials that matter and emotional attachments, is what we were seeking last year.

2013 was a year that saw designers like Jony Ive takeover more than their fair share in designing, showing us that we need to push ourselves beyond our perceived limits. It’s another story that the iPhone 5S did little to inspire or aspire. However the ‘flat design’ of the iOS 7 did make its mark and sparked a spate of copies.

The slate for 2014 like a sheet of driven snow – totally blank! How you plan to fill these blank sheets of 365 days is up to you, all I can say is that last year’s trends belong to last year; this new year awaits a fresh new voice. Empower yourself with this knowledge and go ahead and make that difference… 2014 is waiting for your sparkle, so go ahead and shine!

Happy New Year!

50) Audi Motorcycle – Ducati by Thibault Devauze

49) ECO Washing Ball – Food Sterilizing Balls by Yeonjin Jo

48 ) Optical Stethoscope by Seobin Oh & JoonHee Kim

47) Trea – Premium Alcohol Stove by Michael Kononsky

46) iPhone 5S by Alvaro Toledo

45) Swing Toothpaste by Sungmin Hong, Yubin Choi, Yun Kim, Mi Jang and Seokgyu Hwang of Dankook University

44) i-Free – Digital Eyesight Correction Screen by Jongwoo Choi

43) BMW Rapp – 100th Anniversary Concept by Dejan Hristov

42) Spearhead Yacht by Alexander Shevchenko

41) The New Mac Pro Concept by Almasov Aibek

40) Air Rope – Inflatable Rescue Tunnel for Flood Situations by Lee Jee Won, Lee Yong Ho & Lee Juan

39) Dry Clean – Towel Dryer by puredesign

38 ) Limbo – Transformable Flexible Display Smartphone by Jeabyun Yeon

37) Lumiquitous – All-in-one Mouse/Keyboard by Sung-Hyeon Yoo

36) Desk Concept by Francois Dransart

35) Quick Stand & Lock For Bicycle by Soohwan Kim, Junho Yoon, Dohoon Lee & Hyojin Park

34) Multifunctional Bathtub by Seung Hyun Lee, il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Lee & Jiwon Moon

33) Ivy Guide Mini – Translator by Shi Jian, Sun Jiahao & Li Ke

32) Honda Type E – Concept Vehicle by Michael Brandt

31) Apple iLens Concept by Rishi Soman

30) Puzzle Keyboard by Wan Fu Chun

29) Pen Printer by Tae-jin Kim & Su-in Kim

28 ) Comfort Airport – Airport Tables and Chairs Design by Kwon Jin-Seok

27) Hidden Card – Secured Credit Card Re-design by Design Team Korea Armed Forces Printing Publishing Depot – Korea Design Membership

26) Bugatti Gangloff – Concept Car by Paweł Czyżewski

25) Revolver – Motorcycle Concept by Darren Kuo

24) Cook&Bath – Kitchen and Bathroom Interior Design by Roy Benjamin, Verdu Pierre & Denat Alexandra

23) Jarpet – Interactive 3-D Pet by Zhang Di, Zhao Tianji, Ma Yinghui & Cui Minghui

22) Paysage Concept Laptop by Kévin Depape

21) iPooding – Soft Grip Case by SUMNEEDS

20) Drop Rest – Mug by Kim Keun Ae

19) Juice up – iPhone Guard and Power Sharing Cable for Battery Backup by Francois Rybarczyk

18 ) PocketBands – Secret Compartment Wristband

17) GIGS.2.GO – Sharable, Disposable USB Flashdrive by Kurt Rampton and BOLTgroup

16) Saddle Lock – Bicycle Lock by Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho & Yeo Min Gu

15) Apple iWatch Concept by James Ivaldi

14) Modular Power Strip Concept by William Harris

13) Moyee – Monster Chair by Jason Goh

12) iPad Concept by Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso

11) Apple iPhone 6 Concept Phone by Pritesh Chavan

10) O2 Magnetic Dumbbell by Suhyun Yoo, Hongseok Kim and Juhyeon Lee

9) Blooming Tea by Yena Lee

8 ) Tea Cup SlingsHOT by Samir Sufi

7) E-inkey Keyboard Concept by Maxim Mezentsev & Aleksander Suhih

6) Obtineo Shave Set by Cory Roehl

5) Ring Clock by Szikszai Gusztáv

4) C-Thru Smoke Diving Helmet by Omer Haciomeroglu

3) Lumigrids by Prof. Gan Jing, Xun Zhang, An Pengcheng, Sun Yan, Jiang Cong, Li Ke, Du Tao, Zheng Yuemei, Cai Jing & Liu Zhenghao

2) Right Angle Stapler by 42 Design – Jeong Jun Yeon, Jeon Hyeongho, Mee Ree, Jeon Youngha, Shin Seunghoon & Ji Eun Lee

1) Window Socket – Solar Energy Powered Socket by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh