Best Keyboard Ever

This E-inkey Keyboard Concept is pretty awesome if you ask me. Imagine using e-ink screens as keyboard buttons that allow us to use different layouts and customize keys as per our needs or program we are using at that moment! The use of E-ink technology gives it the power saving edge as well as the option of being wireless. Simply love it, what about you?

Designers: Maxim Mezentsev & Aleksander Suhih


  • Dennis Cao says:

    Make this and take my money already!!

  • Diego says:

    iWant it!

  • Pouya says:

    Is any manufacturer of this keyboard now?

  • bryan says:

    This is amazing! You should do a kickstarter to make it happen. contact me if you create this!

  • Salvo says:

    The “Optimus Maximus” keyboard with oled keys do this since 2008…

    Ok it’s oled instead of e-ink but still ^^

  • led says:

    best ever! expensive ever!

  • lmw l.berkley says:

    “shutup and take my money”
    But yes i’d totally back this if it where on kickstarter i’d
    buy two tomorrow if it already existed great design and concept

  • Robin says:

    Optimus Maximus is extremely fugly, and this is pure beauty. In other words: for the love of everyone, make this keyboard a reality.

  • Joseph Dumary says:

    Thank you for this concept!

  • Ben says:

    I’ve never backed anything on kickstarter, but I would, in a heartbeat, back this!

  • Voi says:

    Yes it eats power like candy, gets hot, and shines bright lights at your face just to display the key images. The optimus is a novelty piece. This on the other hand could actually be useful.

  • Void says:

    Kickstarter this and take my money. Do me a favor though and make the shape based on the MS ergo 4000 or the typematrix 2040. The mac keyboard is so sharply sloped I find it painful to use.

  • Jeremiah says:

    This is a great idea and would love to see it become something more, however what about working in the dark? Just curious if anyone can think of a work around for that. It’s a minor concern though, because I don’t believe people should since its bad for you, however I know there are individuals who would want that feature and it would make it that much more of an easy sell.

  • Ron says:

    For people who’ve learned multiple languages, this keyboard also gonna be helpful. Think about showing Chinese, Japanese Hiragana, Korean Jamo on keycaps…

  • David says:

    If the price was right, this would make an amazing kickstarter project. The OLED of the Maximus made it far too expensive, so the e-ink should be a much cheaper alternative

  • David says:

    If the price was right, this would make an amazing kickstarter project.

  • TheHitman says:

    Add backlit keys like the MBP and ill buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Niclet says:

    Want ! Please, make it real. I’ll back it if it was on Kicksatarter.

  • jason says:

    kickstart this, i will back it up and buy one as long as it isn’t ridiculously priced like the optimus was.

  • steve says:


  • Mark says:

    Yes, true… and look at the price of the Optimus Maximus, or it’s smaller siblings… ridiculously expensive. Now… using e-Ink this *should* be cheaper, and I’m willing to bet if this was put on Kickstarter it would be funded in a matter of hours (probably minutes… I’d be signing up!)

  • Mark says:

    As many others have said… just get this on Kickstarter already!!!

  • maikl says:

    Produce it! I want it sooooo bad!!!

  • Dante' DiGiacomo says:

    They stole my idea! I had this when the Optimus first came out. “great idea, make it with e ink to make it better.”

  • Hauke says:

    I need this because I program, are German and study in China!
    I rarely use Photoshop but I need those ös and 香港!

  • Brad says:

    The “best keyboard ever” would have mechanical buckling springs. See IBM Model M 🙂

  • anoush m says:

    Love it!! Take my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome idea. How much will cost to get one of this?

  • Awesome idea.

    How much will cost to get one of this?

  • Martin says:

    Hey sorry about the double comment.
    But check this with an android phone, says there is an error commenting, but actually the comment gets published!

  • Aladin says:

    the most designer forgott the
    1st law:
    form follow function

    this keyboard is nice for showrooms

  • Chris says:

    hello, Kickstarter, take my money already,

    This is a brilliant idea, need a bluetooth version please

  • Augure says:

    I would buy out of it but I have some concerns:

    1. How much would it cost?

    2. For cost savings sake, isn’t it better to have one e-ink piece tied between all the keys, rather than having one on each key?

    3. What about the actual quality, refresh rate, black flashing of the e-ink keys? This technology seems still so antic & retarded.

  • Allen says:

    I think this is a great idea!

    Not a completely original concept tho. I had a cell phone from Verizon a few years back that had E-Ink keys. The flip plate was double-hinged so you could open it in talk mode or keyboard mode, and depending on the orientation the E-Ink keys would display right-side up in either a QWERTY layout or a numeric keypad for phone calls surrounded by icon buttons for other functions. Best of all, it was visible in outdoor light just like other E-Ink devices such as Kindle.

    I’m glad to see someone is taking this idea and moving it forward!

  • Dave Granger says:

    Not a new idea, I seem to remember a keyboard with OLED screens in the keys called the ‘Optimus Maximus’. It also didn’t look so much like an Apple product.

  • IG says:

    If you manage a prototype to work or at least provide me with estimate on the costs please do let me know as I probably will consider investments.

  • fabianhtml says:

    Amazing, crowdfunding?

  • lolo says:

    it’s like the optimus keyboard it is not original

  • Etsi says:

    it will be perfect if e-ink can display colors

  • Kay S. says:

    Back it and i’ll happily want to help! This is a genius invention, especially if the keyboard would be cordless and bluetooth!

  • Nathan says:

    Let me jump on that bandwagon!

  • frank says:

    it would use e-ink, it would not be intended to work in the dark. you want lights? buy the Optimus, it will have all the lights you want for use in the dark.
    this is an easy sell as it is, it is sleek, slim and simply AMAZING!
    they would not be able to keep these in stock or on any store shelves for years if the price is right..

    • Thehitman1982 says:

      it could be used in The dark. Look at the kindle paperwhite. The optimus is stupid. Its way to expensive. This could be priced right and sell real well with the backlite.

  • Ed Lee says:

    I’m still using a IBM Model M keyboard that’s 20 years old 🙁

    The times….I am behind them 🙁

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  • humod says:

    your dream came true…

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