Best of Appliances in 2013

We love our coffee! Period. Of all the innovative cook-tops, washing machines and cleaners, the java maker has won the competition hands down. Three out of the ten most inventive appliance concepts from 2013 has something to do with coffee. Nothing like a steaming cuppa brew to get the day going! Here’s the recap for you to follow…

Trea – Premium Alcohol Stove by Michael Kononsky

ECO Washing Ball – Food Sterilizing Balls by Yeonjin Jo

S.I.A.M. – Energy Saving Induction Cooktop by Hye-Rim Lee and Tae-Ryung Byun

SOLO – Compact Laundry System by Chanhee Han

Piamo Espresso Maker by LUNAR

Puri – Sea Water Desalinating Bottle by Younsun Kim, Kangkyung Lee, Byungsoo Kim and Minji Kim

The TopBrewer Coffee Machine by Scanomat

Novel Folding Kettle by Stanislav Sabo

Electrolux Hand Tree Air Purifier by Alexandr Kostin

COMBI – Robotic Vacuum Cleaner by Gwang Chae Jung