The Air Walk

Air Rope is an inflatable rescue tunnel that can be deployed during flood situations. It is a safer option to the rope pulley system and is easier to use. Instead of braving the torrent and crossing the river to secure a pulley system, the inflatable air walk is used. Air is pumped into a doughnut-shaped fabric tube that extends into a round tunnel.

  • It can be used as a thoroughfare across a river when secured to the ground and a tree at each end.
  • A motor and propeller create a powerful flow of air.
  • The air nozzle has a screw-in profile to prevent air leakage.
  • Aluminum alloy, which is light and strong, is used for the metal components. When deflated, the tube can be folded and packed into its storage case.

Air Rope is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Lee Yong Ho, Lee Jee Won & Lee Juan


  • power generator says:

    so….you also have to carry a power generator to power the electrical air pump??

  • Radhika Seth says:

    yes, that is a good point though~ Maybe there is some back-up battery power!

  • djula lošonc says:

    Great! Congratulations! I am disaster management coordinator in Red Cross of Serbia. RCS has clear role in emergency response, becose of that, my question is: How can we try this rescue aer tunnel? The best regards

  • CJ5 says:

    What if there isn’t someone on the other side of the tunnel to tie the deployed end off to a tree? Seems like it would just be a water slide into the surge at that point.

    • Shawna says:

      If there wasn’t someone stuck at the other side of the flood waters then you probably wouldnt need to create a crossing at all…?

  • Steve says:

    Seems like this was built specifically for 1 very rare occasion. A rope ladder thrown across with stakes to peg it into the ground is probably a better, more realistic solution for most scenarios, and probably 1/50th the cost while taking up less room.

  • OsiTech says:

    I suppose I’ll have no choice if I need to be rescued but this just seems dangerous.

    What if the engine got flooded in the, you know rain, then occupants woukd be trapped.

  • Scott says:

    What are the inner dimensions of the tube? Hate to be the one larger person that can’t fit.
    How rigid is it at the mid point? (Weight limit) Would hate to be any one that is at the middle and have it dip close enough to the water to touch.. Would be quite panic inducing I’d think.

  • Jon says:

    How long is it? How can the product adapt to various distances from the rescuers to the rescuies?

  • Stephanus says:

    Like all concepts in need some work. At least this is an attempt and trying solve a problem. Critique is not a bad thing but rather give suggestions towards design improvement. So in most floods trees go down as well. Especially close to river banks. Ways of securing without relying on availability of trees. Designed the product so that it can be secured from one side. Still use the air to extend the bridge but make it hang from the origin. I’ll have to draw a picture. lol

  • Lincoln says:

    Problem I see is if there is a flood, water could enter the tube as well. And if people have sharp objects like keys it may cut the fabric.

  • Henry KAKA says:

    A great attempt but could be dangerous please tell if I can use this and where is this available…
    Do mention if you can make some changes in this model. What are the materials used for the same….

    Hoping for a quick reply

    Thanking you and Best Regards,
    Henry KAKA

  • michele says:

    before doing design somebody must learn basics of mechanics. circular section is good for torsion and not for flex (here the H bars come). The bridge here is interesting but it should optimized.

  • Henry KAKA says:


    Waht a great design ……

  • Christopher says:

    I’ll agree with Michele and a few other commenters about how this has not been thought through and the authors have not done their homework.

    I’d much rather be on a rope with a pully then trapped in a flooded tube about going down a set of rapids – no thanks.

    This is a dangerous idea.

  • Serge says:

    brilliant idea!!!!!!

  • mif991 says:

    Flawed ergonomics can be dangerous too. Have the designers tested this? or can they give out data to support their concept? I am amused it already got a red dot award.

  • michele says:

    rope wins. this rubber system will be also very heavy. We can live without this design push. Rethink this for entertainment maybe it can be useful

  • Dave says:

    I want to be positive about this design but feel there are a lot of questionable things about it.

    The scale of span appears different in the images, how far can it reach? In some it doesn’t seem far enough to be of great use.

    Will the tube act as a sail in adverse weather? Wind often comes with strong rain and could get blown away. Google dreamscape deaths to see what can happen.

    Okay so people are at risk and need rescuing, but does using this present a greater risk to sitting tight and waiting for other help or going the long way round. Will the person that makes that decision be well enough trained to make the correct decision.

    How important are the anchors and that if there’s noting suitable or close enough.

    How is it recovered and if not is it cheap enough to be disposable. Can’t put a price on life! You were going to say, but yes you must otherwise you don’t buy it in the first place.

    In an emergency many will rush to escape the threat to them. If overloaded will be deflect or collapse potentially killing all of them.

    PR could be bad for the company that brings this to market if it’s not flawless in its ability to save life.

    Nice design, well communicated, but needs refining to the real need.

  • uopjo6 says:

    epic comment.


    Vow ..
    Its a nice one…

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