This Precision-machined EDC Spinner works as a Fidget Toy, Multi-Gaming Dice, and even a Measuring Ruler

At first glance, it’s entirely possible to think that the NEO SPIN is just a fidget spinner… Take a second or third look and you’ll realize that it’s so much more. Building on the craze of fidget toys, designers Sundeep Rajula and Pratapa Sanaga created a Minimalist, Multi-functional EDC gadget not just to fidget, but one that doubles as a gaming apparatus as well as a measuring device. Precision machined out of premium-grade brass and 304 stainless steel, the gadget is haute EDC at its finest, with a touch of fun. It takes equal inspiration from regular fidget spinners as well as roulette wheels and other spin games, combining the tactile joy of one, along with the suspense of the other. What’s more, the NEO SPIN’s also designed to be modular, allowing you to swap out the spinning disc inside and replace it with something different to serve an altogether new purpose. Each disc bestows its own function to the NEO SPIN, turning it into either a roulette wheel, a gaming die, or even a measuring device.

Designers: Sundeep Rajula & Pratapa Sanaga

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The NEO SPIN is designed to be perfectly handy, fitting right into your palm and practically begging to be fidgeted with. Two machined brass caps sit on either side, with a centrally-located gorgeous knurled Stainless Steel Disc that makes it easy to spin. A window in the brass cap lets you see the results of the spinning disc when it comes to a stop.

Load the Disc of your choice. Choose a Particular game you wish to play. Spin the Disc and Stop after a few seconds. Align the result with the arrow on the case.

The joy of using the NEO SPIN is compounded by the the presence of different discs, like the one with multi-game graphics or the roulette wheel, or even the special Dungeons & Dragons disc. Alternatively, swap out the fun for function with the measuring disc that lets you accurately chart distances. A ball-bearing at the center of each disc makes the spinning effortless, and the disc can randomly be stopped simply by pressing you thumb or finger on the knurled disc to ‘brake’ the movement. It’s a brilliantly fun fidget activity that also turns into a decision-making interaction. An arrow etched under the window tells you where you’ve landed on the disc, preventing ambiguity and cheating.

An easy-to-open design lets you access and swap out the discs, choosing from a wide range of pre-designed discs or even having your own custom-engraved disc of choice. The standard discs allow the NEO SPIN to transform into a gaming device, a decision-making aid, or even measuring. The measuring disc comes in both imperial as well as metric measurements, and simply rolling the NEO SPIN on a linear or non-linear surface allows you to measure distances with remarkable accuracy.

Each NEO SPIN measures 40mm wide (1.5 inches) and 10mm thick (0.03 inches), weighing just 70 grams (2.4 ounces), making it perfectly palm-sized for fidgeting throughout the day. The $49 Standard Pack of the NEO SPIN ships with three discs – one for roulette or gaming, one specifically for DND, and a third for measuring. Upgrading to $69 lets you get a custom disc of your own made, perhaps with names of friends/colleagues so you can decide who pays the bill at a restaurant after dinner! After all, tossing coins is so old-school!

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $79 ($30 off). Hurry, only 25/225 left!