Magnetic Dumbbell

Looking for a variation in your exercise routine? How about the O2 Magnetic Dumbbell, one that allows you to do many different exercises thanks to the embedded electromagnets. One of the biggest advantages that these dumbbells possess is that thanks to their compact size and magnetism, they are easily transportable. They adjust to all kinds of training routines as we can simply switch the polarity of electromagnets and get going.


  • The strength of these electromagnets can be set by adjusting the level of electric power according to the work out intensity wanted by the user.
  • It is no longer necessary to carry different regular dumbbells for ten different work out levels, instead only one magnetic dumbbell will always meet the current needs of different training intensity levels.
  • By integrating the push-pull power of the embedded electromagnets, users are no longer bound to the local gym.
  • The display indicates 8-circled bars which each represents an additional weight of 3kg.
  • The user can conveniently choose the right training weight ranging from 3kg to 24kg at a glance.
  • The user can follow the repetitions of each training-set as they are indicated on the display in the middle of the device.

Designers: Suhyun Yoo, Hongseok Kim and Juhyeon Lee


  • Mariano says:

    the concept is interesting but what about different arm sizes among different users? or even the different size someone can have between their arme and their forearm? if it is too big it will be loose and move, if it is to tight it wont fit. what about the power? batteries? how do I charge them?

  • anubeon says:

    An interesting concept for sure, but I have my doubts whether such a product if feasible.

    Firstly, surely the power requirements of such strong electromagnets would be prohibitive (requiring bulking/heavy armbands to accomodate onboard batteries, or else a bulky/heavy ‘outboard’ power supply.

    Secondly, doesn’t the strength of a magnetic field trail of rather drastically over distance. Surely the ideal dumbell provide constant resistance force rather than high initial resistance force trailing nothing rather quickly.

    Thirdly, two powerful magnets in close contact with the human body? I sense injuries and lawsuits in this devices future!

    Finally , Unless these chaps have discovered monopoles (and macroscopic ones at that!), how precisely do thy propose to switch each band to N or S? Surely both bands have a north and a south, and if so precise alignment if key (I see no means of identifying the poles on these bands!), and if these are toroidal magnets (as they would appear to be) precise alightment may well be imposible.

  • Rahul S. says:

    Good concept but I don’t understand why you people make simple things more complicated? Have you ever studied ergonomics? Stress distribution on muscles while workout. Consult physiologist & gym trainers for better product. All the best

  • Lol says:

    Interesting concept, but many problems, one already described, what about different arm sizes?

    Powerful magnetism around your body? Not good in my opinion.

    I assume you can turn it off, because carrying that thing around the smartphone while on… Say goodbye to your smartphone.

    But if you can turn it off, then it must have some kind of power unit and I cannot think of a power unit that can give a powerful magnetic field, but again, ok, its a concept, so I´ll let this one go.

  • Jeff says:

    Traditional weights are cheap, simple and readily available. So, why? And I have to think this was designed by a person who doesn’t know much about physics and engineering.

  • Bell says:

    Sorry but it’s kinda dumb idea. I can picture someone use this to 1. prank people by change the weight to the heaviest 2. or worst kill people, you can hang them using fishing net, include a wireless feature, and voila change the weight so it will drop at your ex head. thanks, it does not exist.

  • ipesdu26 says:

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  • Sean says:

    An immediate flaw to this is a dumbbell curl also works your grip and your forearm. This would not help either of those muscles. Also, a dumbbell is versatile, this seems very limited in the possible exercises.

  • Marc says:

    Seems pretty amazing! Not sure why so many people are grumpy & negative about this new product design…I’d like to try it and see how awesome it is for myself 🙂

  • Marc Shafer says:

    Seems pretty amazing! Not sure why so many people are grumpy & negative about this new product design…I’d like to try it and see how awesome it is for myself!

  • J says:

    I love the idea, when’s the Kickstarter starting for this. the naysayers on these comments, if it were for these nothing would be made.

  • anubeon says:

    It’s all very well defaming anyone who critiques this design as a nay sayer ‘triple post’ J, but there are some valid criticisms here, levelled by people who know a little about the physics, mechanics and practicalities of this pie-in-the-sky design.

    Go ahead, chip in to a kickstarter fund for these, but don’t be surprised when the designed a changed to include a 20kg car battery or when you get the finished product only to find that it gives you a weak workout and a blood-blister from when the magnet slipped an pinched the skin of your arms. 😉

  • Chad says:

    I agree totally

  • Ian says:

    I’m not sure that’s possible cuz it only changes the strength of the magnets not the weight of the bracelet. the resistance here is done by magnetism not gravity…

  • matt says:

    Will it mess with my cellphone if i put them close togeather? Also is this something i can set to low and wear for hours on end like on a jog or hike in the woods?

  • Ryan Tan says:

    There is something call nano technology, nanu technology can solve alot of limitation that mentions by some of you.

    Back to ten years ago or maybe 15 years ago, have anyone of you thought that we will have a very small cell phone like what we have today? Technology constantly change because of many creative idea, it mights look doesnt make sense at the very begining. That is totally normal

    Before that, Wright brothers’ think we can fly on sky. But at that time, anyone who had heard of this will for sure laugh at them.

    Can your single 20KG or 40KG adjustable and easy to carry along with you anywhere anytime (etc carrying it for >10 hours)? I dont think so, you will hurt your muscle badly.

    I’d see the positive side of this product as it is something out of traditional, that eventually change the world like how Apple product did. Who know?

  • Shaveen says:

    Any chance of buying a pair of O2 magnetic dumbbells ??

  • Rod says:

    I see a lot of complaints about the product design on here. I see a lot of complaints by people who are not product designers.

    You say you want good products, but when someone presents a concept that needs feedback and consumer conditioning, you are quick to say… it will never work, it’s crap, or call it junk. You don’t want good products. You want the same crap you already hold allegiance to.

    Designers already have about 70% of the investors, managers, senior designers they answer to, and product focus groups to tell them their idea sucks (which isn’t real feedback). There are a few of us out there who recognize that from wild ideas come real products that were never thought possible before.

    The magnetic strength is possible to go well beyond the projected strength in the concept proof.
    As one person mentioned, consider these unique differences in people…
    The degree of change over distance can be dramatically different between two people and their different joints, so I believe you are going to have to include an adjustment to allow for alignment of the magnets. A great deal of anti-polarity strength can be lost in a degree. You will want the maximum benefit so detailed alignment is necessary.

    Obviously, don’t be worried about the power consumption. Most people workout for 15-20 minutes on average. If longer, they need to include other equipment or exercises in their plan. But there are available batteries to last at least twice that and provide the maximum amount of strength in several types of magnets. Using a more pure magnet will reduce the loss of energy and prevent to much heating.

  • jawahir says:

    How can I pay the magnetic dumbbell?

  • Juan says:

    Space in small living spaces being able to workout any where when ever

  • jessie says:

    Such a cool idea. I would love to combine this with some dumbbells. This product leaves me feeling optimistic about the future.

  • Belle says:

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  • Hamza says:

    Where can I purchase this?This is ridiculous, I’ve spent a week looking for it but I can only find posts about it, can someone please inform me of this?

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