Plug It On The Window

The Window Socket offers a neat way to harness solar energy and use it as a plug socket. So far we have seen solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug-in. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively.

Designers: Kyuho Song & Boa Oh


  • Erin Day says:

    You should make the plug holes where you connect the wire a usb port.

  • That is amazing! I would buy something like to this to put in my backpack! Definitely a useful traveller’s tool!

  • Andrew says:

    what you describe is very sophisticated, but I still doubt the power of the power of such a small element

  • Sean addams says:

    Good idea but what about america. Looks like UK only.

  • Gareth Shepherd says:

    The only improvement you should make is to make it a USB port so it would be truly universal – also almost all low voltage charging nowadays comes with a UBS cable.

  • Thierry Oliver says:

    Yeah, this is very cool and everything, but where do I buy it?

  • Steven Nicholls says:

    I always like this idea, but the problem for me with all the sun we are having in Australia is the socket, USB port please!

  • Karim Hassan says:


    We are an electronic company , been established 5 years ago in UAE ( Dubai ) , we are looking for a innovative cutting edge product like your to partnership with.

    We are very interested in the ” solar power window socket ”
    Do you have any dealer / distributors in UAE / Middle East.

    Appreciate your quick response.

    Karim hamouda

  • David J Williams says:

    were can i buy one?

  • Giorgio Bulgarelli says:

    It looked a very good idea, but I suspect it’s only a Hoax!

  • Aki says:

    I wanna buy it.
    How much does it cost me to obtain?

  • Lisa says:

    Do you have one for USA electric plug ins? Can we convert the wire to be used in USA?

  • Raphael says:

    Really cool and innovative. I’ll buy two if I can find it.

  • muller says:

    Hello I saw your solar grip(taking), I shall like having one of it, or then me to have one of it, thank you

  • Helena C says:

    Hi, I want to buy one. What does it cost? Can it be sent to Sweden?

  • Amarjit Singh says:

    Dear Sir/Mdm,
    Can I get this solar socket in India or you can send me directly by courier.
    From where to buy it?


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