CubeSeries pop-up trailer with aluminum body is strong, lightweight, and all-weather camping solution

Pop-up roof campers have their own advantages of space and towing convenience. Add to that the cost effectiveness of this camping solution and you arguably have the most perfect option for a small group of friends or a family on a budget. On that course is the Cube Series pop-up roof trailer; a home-away-from-home for the campers desirous of experiencing the enhanced version of all-season camping with the security and reliability of the best.

‘Strong, lightweight, and waterproof,’ the Cube Series pop-camper is a new kid on the market that presents a worthwhile solution to the tent-like canvas-lined pop-up roof campers that are susceptible to elements and make the unit slightly weighty. The new CubeSeries trailer is hard-sided, canvas-free pop-camper which is made from industry grade aluminum, resilient composites, and numerous alloys to ensure robustness and durability.

Designer: Cube Series

Courtesy of the aluminum construction overlaid with a fiberglass roof, the 17.6-foot CubeSeries trailer is lightweight at 2730 lbs, yet it features sturdiness (both in flat and camp mode) seldom seen in campers of this kind. The standout feature of this foldable camper still is the multipurpose roof system that allows the rig to grow from a towable low-rider during the day to a full backcountry home by opening up without much human intervention. The system thrives on a set of 12V electric actuators lifting the roof up while you fold out the side walls together in support.

The folding system is patent-pending, but according to Cube Series, it makes sure the camper can haul behind your truck without creating much drag, yet reaching where you like it, and then effortlessly gives you (in minutes) a space you can call home in the middle of nowhere, no matter the weather outside. The tough structure walls are provided with windows for ventilation and light, while the structure is approved waterproof and secure to withstand the elements and harsh weather conditions.

When open, the hard roof of the camper pops up to increase the height to an interesting 9.8 feet, leaving a clear 7.5-foot headroom. This makes ample space inside the trailer for a family of four or a small group of friends to live together. For this to be an inhabitable area for so many people, Cube Series has actually made some interesting interior tweaks.

The fully equipped space is furnished with a double bed on one side, and a wraparound sofa on the other. In the middle is the full-functional kitchen and a collapsible wet bathroom with a standing-height shower cordoned off with curtains. The dining lounge – comprising a sofa and a folding table – allows the table to drop down by evening creating an additional bed for two people. Handy for all-season camping, the four-person trailer also receives some off-grid capabilities to help increase the days in the outdoors from a weekend to a few weeks.

To that accord, the CubeSeries trailer comes with 94.5 liters of fresh and gray water storage, 53 liters of LPG to run the cooking business, and a 12V water heater with a 19,000-BTU air furnace to keep you rolling in the colder months. An electrical system comprising a DC truck-to-battery charger, AGM battery, and 30-A shore power out, accompanied by a 2,000-W inverter hooked to 1,140-W solar panels keeps the trailer powered at all times. The entire package starts at $55,730, though there is the option to include AC, more solar charging options, and, of course, more off-roading capacities as add-ons.