Polestar Fenrir is a sophisticated electric hot rod straight from the Hot Wheels universe

Polestar as an electric car manufacturer has taken the heat to Tesla in the last few years. The Swedish brand has proved its metal with the Polestar 2 EV, even when stacked against the Tesla Model 3. There’s a whole lot to like and the brand is evolving in the right direction.

The Polestar 6 slated for production in 2026 as an open-top grand tourer has got the challenge very well accepted for future dominance, at least in the electric roadster domain. We though, are always on the hunt for something larger than life in the concept world. Just like this Hot Wheels-inspired Polestar hot rod that would be perfect for the Japanese street racing scene.

Designer: Henrique Alves

This electric concept named Polestar Fenrir imagined for the 2024 Polestar design contest hits the nail right on its head with the Hot Wheels theme. That’s because the contest is done in collaboration with Hot Wheels. The only doubt in Henrique’s mind was if the vehicle should be a Monster Truck, Surf Van or Dune Buggy. Ultimately he went for the obvious choice of a hot rod, since Hot Wheels is all about cool street racers. The idea was to fuse the Hot Rod DNA to a modern electric car aesthetic that the designer creatively achieved with the form.

The contours are maintained at the right places while the heavy influence of an EV is not ignored at all. Muscular element also follows in with a forward-leaning stance that’s exemplified by the fat rear, both in the body and the size of the wheels. This broadening stance from the front to the back makes space for a unique two-seater configuration. The low ride height barely enough to slip through a sheet of paper means the hot rod will have to avoid any bumps or speed breakers.

The designer expresses the creation as a 2-seater hot rod with some goofiness and playful feelings. He adds that the Polestar Fenrir is a well-proportionated EV racer with minimal lines and shapes that complement the Polestar’s visual identity. Surely we second that thought and a Polestar concept of the future could draw inspiration from this model.