Apple iPhone 6, Really!

The new Apple commercial has drawn a lot of flack for its insensitive portrayal of interaction between people and its products. For a twisted moment, the focus has shifted from the human experience to the gadget experience. The disconnect of emotions is creepy and alarming! Close on heels is the news that a new iPhone may be out in September, so till that time let’s absorb this new take on the Jesus-phone! Apple iPhone 6, Really!

Designer: Pritesh Chavan


  • jiff says:

    I wont buy a phone which will be in trash after folding it few times

  • Bssteele2262 says:

    Not to mention, when the debice is in a closed position, it can function as a 360 display and also assuming that the entire screen is touch sensitive a new range of gestures can be added to the user interface similar to the playstation vida

  • Jon says:

    Wow that looks great. Wish it would be the next iPhone 6.

  • Patrick says:

    “As flat and beautiful as it’s OS” should be:
    “As flat and beautiful as its OS”

  • Chris Reed says:

    Samsung literally showed this off last year (only in a “whats possible with our new flexible screens” video).

  • phrancis says:

    Oh really? Well that’s a really misleading title. Maybe “Future iPhone 7 or 8”.

    While it’s an imaginative concept and plausible, with all the flexible components currently being developed, there’s no way the next gen iPhone will be anything like this. Probably just a bigger screen, lighter materials, new OS, etc…

    Creativity is certainly part of being an industrial designer, but you have to be grounded in manufacturing and economic reality.

  • SaddamHussein says:

    its a fail design because it intersects with the ipad series, also it would be very thick , in this concept the battery thickness is not considered .

  • Dre says:

    If i the new iPhone would be like this,, i wont buy it anyway..

  • Graphene is nearly indestructible. so it can not be trash.

  • Andrew says:

    It’s fake guys. Jesus… It was a fan made idea..

  • Andrew says:

    It’s fake guys. God damn… It was a fan made idea..

  • lars says:

    Honestly, if the myriad grammatical errors didn’t give away the fact that this is just a mock concept by someone who clearly doesn’t speak English (and is therefore not someone from Apple in California) then I’ve got to question your judgement. Why does this article even exist?

  • ipesdu26 says:

    as Marvin replied I didn’t know that a single mom can make $4482 in a few weeks on the internet. did you read this web page ……………

  • Frank says:

    Give me One !!!! … Wunderfull Concept !!!

  • budi says:

    Great Design…
    but Apple never use this concept to build next iPhone

  • To see more of my designs, follow the link :

  • md.emon says:

    very nice

  • Jennifer says:

    Nice, the screen is nice! lets hope they make soemthing awesome

  • TheDevo says:

    Now this is plain retarded.
    And iOS7 is not even close to flat. You cannot design a UI built on top of gradients and call it flat, just because it’s NOT skeumorphism.

    Fail all around.

  • wJ says:

    But how about the case?

  • Sam N says:


    Look around, asshole. Do you see anyone named Marvin here? Why do these spam messages always include some person’s name that is nowhere to be found on the page and some random four-digit number with a dollar sign? Do you think anyone on this website (or ANY website) is stupid enough to do anything after reading your comment other than wish a slow and painful death upon you for your useless and annoying spam? Do you think ANYONE will EVER click your link?

    I hope your eyes slowly rot out of your head and that maggots crawl in your empty eye sockets while you sleep to eat your small and insignificant brain you fucking leech.

    Have a good day!

  • Sam N says:

    It’s a great design, but will never be implemented in an Apple product for one reason – combine your iPhone with your iPad? You mean you only have to purchase one portable iDevice instead of two? Not a chance, unless the product would sell for (at minimum) the combined total of an iPhone AND an iPad.

    • Chris J says:

      I disagree, Apple is well known for releasing amazingly forward thinking products that end up cannibalizing on their existing products. They actually make money that way!

    • Chris J says:

      I disagree, Apple is well known for releasing amazingly forward thinking products that end up cannibalizing their existing products. They actually make money that way!

  • Apple don’t ever fear cannibalization

  • Chris W says:

    Wow, it’s interesting to have a concept iPhone without any buttons or ports. I know there is wireless charging, but not reliable enough yet. Correct me if I’m wrong, but EVERY iDevice has had a headphone port. Apple tried to do away with buttons on a version of the Shuffle and that didn’t end well. In some photos it looks like there could be a button on top, but not other pictures. Another thing to keep in mind in creating mock-ups is Apple just released the Lightning connector which I would assume they want to keep for a while.

  • jay says:

    looks great!

  • wow beautiful comments really I like this concept its the only concept Ive seen that’s not some odd attempt at emulating apples “unpredictable” design language and it also bring radical innovative features this is so great I’d probably buy it even though i strongly and outwardly dislike ios7 and ios period

  • ABDI says:

    Ooohhhh Goooodness.
    Really Jesus Phone.

  • Chris J says:

    Sorry, got an error saying my message wasn’t posted, now I see it was twice.

  • Chris J says:

    Pritesh, I think you did a great job on this design. The English is a little messed up in parts, but the design is solid. Hope it comes true someday!

    • tomtom says:

      Yea I hope it dose I have the iPhone 5s but waiting for the 6 to come out and hope its like that 🙂

  • Thanks Chris for your appreciation !! me too, hope so 🙂

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  • Isabel says:

    OMG this is so cool and what is the date that it is coming out.

  • Sam N says:

    Ironically, now that the original spam post has been removed, now my reference to it is mentioning a person’s name that doesn’t exist elsewhere on the page. What a world!

  • Keyanna says:

    Apple is late on this three screen concept Shaurma Sasha came out with this three years ago and its better. I believe that’s where Apple stole the idea from. Look up the three screen ANDROID phone concept on YouTube. Smh.

  • mohamed aboklila says:

    good mobile smartphone ;)♥

  • Emile says:

    Favoraite idea for an iphone 6!

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