Cruise in Classic Style

Though it’s more of a day-cruiser than a full-size yacht, the Spearhead doesn’t skim on style or quality. The wing-stabilized leisure craft features classic wood detailing and a simple, minimal floorplan that makes the most of limited space. The more compact, sharp, and hydrodynamic shape make it ideal choice for those looking for powerboat performance with upscale trim.

Designer: Alexander Shevchenko


  • mif991 says:

    Other than the first picture where the clouds overwhelm the cruiser, its a very nice presentation. Good job.

  • sloganmaker says:

    Nice design. Wonder how much it costs.

  • Me says:

    Horrible photographic angles, unbelievably gorgeous boat, design and materials. Just wish you had a different photographer.

  • Naval Architect says:

    The Hydrofoils will not work tht way.
    It´s a typical Designwork without an idea of technical function.

  • ipesdu26 says:

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  • The boat is nice, but the rendering of pictures is poor.

  • yahoo says:

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