Staples Right!

Innovative stationery has always fascinated me and the Right Angle Stapler is a winner in my eyes. We have managed to increase the width, size and capacity of the humble stapler but no one has ventured into its orientation. Stapled papers develop ugly dog-ears and the Right Angle Stapler prevents this. I have only two words for this concept – LOVE IT!

Designers: 42 Design – Jeong Jun Yeon, Jeon Hyeongho, Mee Ree, Jeon Youngha, Shin Seunghoon & Ji Eun Lee


  • I like it and would buy it. I hate when my staples get messed for one reason or another and this just leads me to perfect stapling, every time…. 5 Star idea in my book.

  • Note: I do believe it needs to be redone to accommodate for larger stack sizes of paper.

  • Eddd222 says:

    This system requires the user to position the paper more exact. Any missalignment between stapler and paper or paper that is not neatly stacked would result in the staple not going through the paper or not fixing all the sheets.
    It is a nice thought, but it sounds like a solution to a first world problem.

  • James says:

    New innovative designs should only be thought of if they’re to solve bigger third world problems? Designers shouldn’t design new staplers, new chairs, new phones?

    Clever little design, I’d like to see how it would work in reality. I sense it’d be one of those ideas that sounds amazing and then has slight issues when testing it for real. Then again, maybe it would just work perfectly, I’d certainly want to give it a go.

  • Donna Vitan says:

    Yes, it’s cleaver. And it’s awesome, however, I wish the design also used existing staples. Otherwise, the cost of having to buy more custom staples would not be as cost-effective in the long run.

  • blahblahbilly says:

    I fail to grasp how this thing actually stores staples.

  • axt says:


  • blarg says:

    I’m more interested in how the feed system works.

  • what is english says:

    what is english

  • Ben says:

    Problem is the space for the papers which is ridiculously thin
    If you look at classic staplers you can fit much more.
    Also the cost of the toolings to create those corner staples shall be quite high

  • Ramani-Rayne says:

    Nice thought, but a) the protruding points would tear into the paper as you turn the pages, and b) it eliminates the the other uses that current staplers allow for – opening the stapler 180 degrees to staple something to a bulletin board, or using the longer arm to staple the spine of a small pamphlet or magazine, etc.

  • Thor says:

    If the staples are always placed in the same position in relation to the corner of the paper, a stack of several stapled packs will have all of their staples interact, rub against each other, and prevent squashing of the pile.

    This will make filing a pain in the butt, as one corner of filed stacks will always be much thicker than the rest of the stack.

    Proper design would include a variable distance from the corner to allow for staggering of the staple position.

  • morgan says:

    so, basically they’ve invented a way to use twice as much metal for absolutely no functional reward.

    Side note, If you want this today, just put two staples into your paper. It’ll solve the problem of not wasting enough metal and it’ll keep your corner from getting ruffled.

  • Phil says:

    Never underestimate the design of that little bent piece of wire! A better idea would be to have a slip-on corner protector that uses a standard stapler with only the one single staple to hold it in place. And for those who really are concerned about the ‘messy edges’, take a google at DIY book binding kits.

  • Click says:

    What a great idea – I hate they way a normal stapler curls the page

  • Carl says:

    Agreed. A better design would automatically adjust the spacing of successive staples into slightly different positions to prevent overlapping. Three at a minimum, but four would probably be better, with position 1 closest to corner, and 4 the farthest. Stapler would automatically cycle through positions without user intervention. Cycling could be disabled.

  • Really great idea … love it. It always takes me more than 10 seconds to arrange the pages before stapling them

  • hai leader says:

    Good. good.Thank you share.

  • SantiaoDraco says:

    Hmm, sounds like a lot of assumptions on your part.

    First, if you would have trouble aligning paper at a guided corner you have issues.

    Secondly innovation is a good thing and this is innovative in what it delivers, which would be appealing to some and unnecessary to others.

    So no it’s not solving a problem that doesn’t exist. It’s solving a problem that was dismissed.

  • just kidding says:

    But I’m left handed…

  • pete says:

    Why not just use use two regular staples, placed at right angles? Duh.
    This new design stapler would require the exacting placement of the paper that is shown in the first picture and the verrrry thin amount of paper held by the staples would rip after one or two turns of the page. Sorry, shark tank says this is a bad idea.

  • jazlyn says:

    What an idea! I like this and any viral news

  • i like article … very nice

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