The virtual keyboard has arrived.

What’s better than an ultra-thin, compact, wireless keyboard?? One that doesn’t actually exist at all!! The Lumiquitous mouse system rids your desktop of the cumbersome keyboard, replacing it with a virtual keyboard projected directly on the desk surface. The two mice (one for each side) have a triple motion sensor, beam projector, and optical sensor that detect the movement of the hands and fingers. Because the keyboard moves with the mouse, there’s no more repetitive switching your hand from mouse to keyboard!

Designer: Sung-Hyeon Yoo


  • Dan says:

    Already exists for almost 14 years, the problem wasn’t making the tech work it was the lack of feedback

  • James says:

    As stated, this has been around for over a decade and the ergonomics were better. It just didn’t kick off for some reason, whether it was lack of awareness of the product or it felt better to use an actual keyboard. But really, product designers should really just do a quick google search before going straight to render stage.

  • sh.y says:

    well, as a designer of this, I obviously googled this.
    Maybe It was hard to find cause stated 14 year old idea was just a concept.
    Also, I rendered this because I’ve know that only one company is making beam-projection keyboard. Which I have seen.
    Can you send me a link or keyword of that??
    Well anyway, can you please enjoy appearance that will always on your desk, as a beautiful secretary.
    It may work less than ergonomic one, but make your working mood more soft and gentle.
    thanks 😉

  • Mariano says:

    already exists with better design and ergonomics

  • Punit Tongia says:

    Super cool gadget.

  • ViRALY says:

    There is already a company called CELLUON who are doing laser beam-projection keyboards. They are a lot smaller and I’m not sure whether the ergonomics of your concept are better or worse.

  • James says:

    I already posted a link to lots of these but it obviously hasn’t let my comment stay. I’m not sure why it was hard for you to find, just type infrared keyboard or laser keyboard into a search engine and hundreds of images and sights pop up including sites like Amazon where you can buy them.

  • sh.y says:

    As designer of this, I’m really worried people like you are confusing.

    I have searched your keywords, and everything in there is what I saw before I started to sketching of my design.

    ‘CELLUON’, of course, I knew it since it comes out.

    ‘Lumiquitous’, my desing is a kind of complementary gadget of ‘CELLUON’.
    But when I’m designing it, I was not thinking that ‘Let’s make another beam keyboard!’ , but ‘Let’s make a most convenient, playful design!’. well, I was inspired to make this by the movie ‘Minority Report’. If you see my first sketch on my notebook, you will notice. in that, two round cobble stones are projecting some characters and numbers around them.

    The important, difference is that the keyboard is devided in two. half left is following left device and half right is following right device.
    Also you can type with ‘infrared’ keyboard, and move your cursor by sliding any of two devices just like a conventional mouse. So it is All-in-One, and there are two main function of them, ‘Cursor mode’ and ‘Type mode’.
    and I called swithcing between ‘Cursor Mode’ and ‘Type Mode’ as ‘the Soft Shift’
    because when you move your cursor to your desired location by mean displacement
    value of two devices’, you just put your hands down from two mouses for ready to type.

    absolutly almost the reason why I made this is to give people inspiration, make them fun by friendly design, and let children and young people dream a daydream.

    Of course, there can be some unseen designs that better than mine, and earlier done. when you find them, please let me know.

    If you have any questions, please comment here. I can see your comments by my email.

    I hope you understand the difference.
    the link below may help you understand.!/2013/03/new-creation-lumiquitous-kinds-be-brave.html

  • Tucson Blonde says:

    Hi! I like this design (though I have yet to try it out).

    Having switched to a laptop for work, one of the things I miss most on the road is an ergonomic keyboard. Whereas I used to type nearly 200 words per minute easily, I rarely get up to 80wpm on a regular keyboard (error free of course!).

    It’s also fairly common knowledge, that as PCs get smaller (I’m looking into these types of keyboards to go along with a min PC–USB chip-sized of course, and a rollable/foldable screen) keyboards will need to adapt, and provide more functionality.

    This is the best virtual keyboard I have seen so far!

    Keep up the good work! I’m looking forward to the spacial (hand motion driven) keyboards in the future too. Perhaps, you’ll be on the forefront of creating this design?!

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