My Next iPad

So the rumor mills are grinding out many new stories about a new iPhone and iPad; however none of them are impressive enough. Basically Apple has toted with shape and size more than anything else for the two devices. Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso (love the name!) has his own vision for the tablet. It’s sleek, its sexy and its transparent! Now that’s something different right!

Designer: Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso

[youtube: 600 451]


  • rebelawais says:

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  • Someguy says:

    Awesome so when I am secretly watching porn in the confort of my chair everyone else in the room can see what I am getting turned on by!

  • buick says:

    and where is the mainboard, and the battery ? all this in this tiny 1cm thick element hahahaa design students get a life !!!

    • DesignStudent says:

      It’s called a concept you Idiot, if people like you designed we would have no hope of ever designing anything new or innovative.

  • amdgotti says:

    really nice concept but ipads have and edge around the side (space between touchscreen and edge ) so you can hold it without interrupting the touchscreen. it needs a little bit more realistic thinking but overall very nicely presented and looks very cool but not plausible due to a few reasons that can easily be spotted and also easily resolved. Keep up the good work

  • tai says:

    and where are the battery, processor, wireless chipset, storage, mobile chipset, and the other hundreds of other little things that are needed for the tablet to run?

  • Ray says:

    They must be transparent too (wonders of modern engineering) . Or perhaps they’re so very tiny (I’d bet that the battery itself has the energy density of a small bomb)

  • nick says:

    You would be surprised there is a design in the works call smart glass if you go onto youtube and search a world of glass this concept idea isnt too far off from becoming reality

  • Devilliers says:

    Awesome so much better than the technology I want send me one for sure. PS Soooooooo Aaawwwsssooommmeee

  • GG says:

    haha…I was censored for my last comment….all i can say is…this concept makes no sense and is totally unoriginal…even if it can be realized in the future..the argument still stands that futurists have already described the need for such tech in the 1960s…and the designers in this case could have shown some ingenuity by at least describing how they were planning on achieving what they’ve so conveniently concocted..Yanko should censor such design concepts and only put up stuff with some merit.

  • Lumpyson says:

    Do you remember what the first processing logic boards looked like? How about the first batteries? Fifteen years ago Zack Morris was walking around with a cell phone the size of his head! Engineering drives design. Art imitates life… Vice versus! Not to mention, it’s just a concept. A very good one at that! Once you take off your Apple fanboy glasses and drop the ” oh I’m gonna be the first in line for the new IPad 6s” attitude, you’ll realize that this is what the iPad was founded on. creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and the to make conceptual dreams a technological reality.

  • Lumpyson says:

    GG where are your original designs?

  • Hunter says:

    Lol… I’ll just wait for the Android version.

  • Capsule says:

    I could watch videos of alfonzo with this all day.

  • Zarkaus says:

    idk if this would help this. but in the aime Broken Blade/Break Blade(depending how you translate name) but in this anime they had display screens made of quartz might be something to it now that im looking at this XD…

    anyone else see what i mean??

  • Matrias says:

    This item looks like it would go hand-in-hand with augmented reality. Just by looks alone.

  • Hunter says:

    It’s called reality, you idiot, if people like you designed we would have no hope of ever making designs into real products.

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