These are the new standard in denim versatility and they’re definitely not your grandpa’s jeans

Denim has clung to its roots like a stubborn old cat to its favorite sunlit spot, toughing it out from its humble beginnings in the 17th-century mines of Europe and North America to become today’s fashion must-have. Originally crafted for the grit and grime of the California Gold Rush, denim’s sturdy, breathable, and versatile chops quickly made it the go-to getup for laborers. Then came 1873, when Levi Strauss threw in some rivets and catapulted denim into the wardrobe hall of fame. Despite a world buzzing with tech innovations, the fundamental jeans blueprint hasn’t wavered much—until now. Enter stage left: world adventurers and dedicated explorers with their brainchild, the Standard Issue Denim 001, a nifty modern twist on the old classic.

Designer: S Jordan Berman and Peter McDougald Juhl

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This dynamic duo, who met in 2010 while climbing at a gym in Brooklyn, NY, envisioned merging fashion with function right from the start. Their journey led them to create “Wares for All Reasons,” a brand born out of a desire to blend climbing utility with everyday style. The Standard Issue Denim 001 stands as their peak achievement, distinctly crafted to endure the most rigorous activities without sacrificing real-world denim’s chic, timeless look. Think of these jeans as your go-to for every conceivable adventure, built to withstand time and trends.

Inspired by the needs of urban athletes and adventurers, these pants are crafted from our proprietary workwear-weight HSTech Denim fabric and are designed for maximum comfort and flexibility, without
compromising style.

HSTech Denim has a 13% stretch factor on its diagonal, in line with the stretchiest, most flexible men’s denim available.

These jeans are specifically engineered for the urban outdoors—ultra-durable, with the rugged, iconic 5-pocket silhouette expected from a classic pair of jeans, yet flexible enough to move with you wherever the day takes you. The Standard Issue Denim 001 jazzes up the traditional jean scene, serving up a recipe that suits both the adrenaline junkie and the serial Netflix binger. Whether you’re dodging taxis in the city streets or glued to your sofa, these jeans merge flair with function without breaking a sweat. The secret sauce? Their revolutionary HSTech Denim boasts a 13% diagonal stretch factor, aligning it with the stretchiest, most flexible men’s denim available, all while maintaining that timeless denim vibe with 98% cotton. It’s like your body got a hug from a cloud—comfortable, stylish, and ludicrously adaptive.

Standard Issue Denim 001 jeans are crafted with globally sourced, top – grade materials.

The Standard Issue Denim 001 comes in 8 sizes with one classic color option—and more of each color on the way, ensuring that these jeans are not just versatile in use but also in style. Each pair is crafted with sustainability in mind, featuring a circular product life-cycle to minimize environmental impact. They are vegan, manufactured ethically, and built to last through thousands of washes and tens of thousands of wears. This might just be the last pair of jeans you’ll ever need to buy. In the rare event they wear out, they can be returned to the manufacturers for repair or to receive a 10% discount on your next pair.

Talk about a chameleon of the closet! These jeans effortlessly flip between semi-formal and kick-back casual and are tough enough to take on the great outdoors. Thanks to their ninja-like 4-way stretch fabric, imagine jeans that could handle a yoga session. No belt? No problem. The ingenious split waist design ensures a snug fit, expanding or contracting with your every move—ideal for those post-buffet moments when you need just a little more room. They are kitted out with high-step knee darts for when you need to high-kick, zippered pockets for stashing treasures, and a slim profile to keep things sleek. The redesigned front pocket layout holds items securely, preventing them from running amok. Night owls, rejoice: there’s a reflective ankle strap for those after-dark escapades, plus a handy webbing key loop that keeps keys out of the way.

These jeans outperform typical denim, proving to be the Swiss Army knife of apparel. Ready for anything, they are equipped to accompany the most dynamic lifestyles, seamlessly blending durability with style. Whether you’re conquering a mountain or navigating city chaos, these jeans are designed to support your every endeavor, proving that style and function are inseparable. They are crafted by people who live and breathe adventures for today’s doers and dreamers, making the Standard Issue Denim 001 a true standout in the world of denim.

Click Here to Buy Now: $110 $130 ($20 off). Hurry, deal ends in 72-hours!