Airbnb Gives You A Chance To Stay In Pixar’s Iconic ‘Up’ House

Airbnb is now giving you a chance to stay in Pixar’s Up house! The adorable home of Carl Fredricksen is one of the most iconic animated homes and is known for being tied to thousands of balloons, allowing it to fly in the air. Airbnb provides a highly detailed and fascinating copy of the home, and it is attached to over 8000 balloons! According to Airbnb, the house does indeed float. Tucked away in the red rocks of New Mexico, the home is part of Airbnb’s Icons collection – which includes amazing experiences hosted by the biggest names in movies, television, music, and art. The Icons lineup also includes the Ferrari Museum, the X-Men Mansion, and the Muśee d’Orsay.

Designer: Airbnb

Airbnb brought the fascinating home to life to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the film. They successfully recreated Carl and Ellie’s home with extraordinary detail. The recreation perfectly imitates the cozy and comfy atmosphere and the adorable charm of the home including the Easter eggs from the movie. Photos of Carl and Ellie line the walls, including their precious Adventure Book, and the backpack of Wilderness Explorer Russel. In the home, you can also find the bed of Dug the talking dog, as well as other cute little touches.

As visitors enter the home, they are welcomed by activities designed to help them completely deep dive into the movie and experience its essence. You can tend to Carl’s mail or even prepare a picnic kit for a wilderness excursion or to stargaze under the night skit.

“My greatest adventures have happened here, and I learned that the best ones are always with someone you love, so bring your pals to kickstart your very own Adventure Book and watch as my house drifts off before you depart,” said Carl Fredricksen, the main character of Up, and the host of the residence.

If you want to experience the wonderful Up home, then you simply need to fill out your preferred dates, as well as the number of guests accompanying you (up to 4). You also need to submit your reason for wanting to stay in the lovely home. The submissions will be reviewed by Airbnb, and the selected participants can then finalize their booking. Submissions will be accepted until May 14, 2024. Hurry!