Simply The iPhone 5S

Back curve, totally flat, a slight curve…three different forms have been explored; so what can we expect from Jony Ive and his band of designers? Don’t know! What we do know that this concept iPhone 5S is pretty awesome and catchy! Good enough to whet our appetite for more.

What do you think?

Designer: Alvaro Toledo


  • Al says:

    At first I was struck by the beauty of this design, then I was reminded of a recent experience with an HTC one, which uses a similar shape.

    I initially loved the look and feel of the phone, but soon realized how insecure I felt holding it. The curved aluminum back presented itself like a bar of soap, with the tactile disadvantages you might expect.

    The shape of this design, while visually appealing, may not be all that practical in a real world setting. While glass has a little different surface tension dynamic than metal, it might not be a bad idea to consider a different surface texture. Maybe a dimpled surface for the back, similar to a nexus 7, or the ‘cheese grater’ of the last generation of power macs.

  • juanjvrensburg says:

    Looks like a knock-off of the HTC One (m7) Sprint edition, especially the 3rd picture.

  • Dave says:

    Yeah let’s make a curved screen so is the first thing that touches the table

  • mohammed says:

    Could have got the dock right. if its a new iPhone it should have the lightning connector not the old 18pin one!

  • Brasco says:

    Maybe more beautiful, but what about functionality? – that’s design all about.

  • Kevin says:

    Had this been the first iPhone, this design would be great, but at this point, 6 years after the original, The form factor of the iPhone series has steadily and incrementally improved. I think this design would take the iPhone backwards, it’s not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the iPhone 5, or even the 4 & 4S. I can appreciate the fuller screen, but I think it steps backwards in the pack of the most instantly eye pleasing phones. I’m not even saying it’s bad, but it’s bad in that it isn’t a step forward in it’s form quality. And I’m not sure how the ergonomics are better.

  • jojoe says:

    this is not…

  • swew says:

    1) it doesnt look like Apple . 100% fail design.

    it the most essential in Apple Design ,everyone can immediately recognize Apple products by their desing language. Your design looks china/korean HTC,Huwaei type. fail design maybe HTC Xs

  • T says:

    0% chance of this happening.

    The form factor will look the same, just like every other “S” model release.

    Fancy 3D rendering though.

  • will mac says:

    Apple will always use Dieter Rams as the inspiration so I don’t expect it will have a curved front. What I do think we will see is a touch sensitive home button and a return to the curved back (iphone 3)

  • Hash says:

    Apple should really make a phone like the note 3

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