Why Does This Toothpaste Have A Hole?

Good question! When it comes to the toothpaste, even the most generous of us becomes a conservative and wants to squeeze out the last bit of paste. Many ideas have surfaced before and adding to the list is this Swing Toothpaste. Sporting a new inventive design, the hole at the end of the tube is meant to be used as a spinner. Simply put your finger in and give the tube a good spin, centrifugal force will push the toothpaste towards the tube top and make for an easy squeeze. I think it’s a very doable design and adds a dash of fun to the brushing routine. Maybe even motivate children to keep up with the dental hygiene!

Designers: Sungmin Hong, Yubin Choi, Yun Kim, Mi Jang and Seokgyu Hwang of Dankook University