Love This iWatch!

Many rumors, mockups and concepts later, I think I have finally found an iWatch concept that I love! Creation of the Jivaldi team, this beauty features a flexible interface. Wearable technology is the future and this one is a step in that direction. What do you think?

Designer: James Ivaldi


  • sacha says:

    I like it. i’d wear it.

  • C2C says:

    its looks way to bulky and heavy. Nothing i would wear on my wrist.

  • TheDevo says:

    Highly impractical.
    Looks like it could break within a year.
    Probably keeps slipping around; You’d have to rotate it back into position each time you want to use it, which pretty much beats the purpose of having something right there ready to be used on your wrist.

    Highly unergonomic.
    Looks like something that could make your wrist cramp due to the stiffness and how strictly it holds your wrist.
    Lack of size adjustment on a watch is a huge fail, I think not even Apple would let something like this through.

    Highly uncomfortable.
    No amount of edge chamfering is going to make a hard, rigid material comfortable to wear.
    Not to mention how hot it could get during certain weathers and the sweating.

    If I were a teacher at a university, and a student in need of a passing grade would come up to me and showed me this, I’d fail him; There are multiple signs of lack of creativity and thoughtfulness.
    The designer joined on the Apple bandwagon which worse than the designers that automatically reach for Helvetica.
    And I bet he sincerely believes that his “design” is minimalistic.

    Pathetic at least.

  • Jivaldi says:

    So we really thought that when we designed this, Sir Jonathan Ive would pick up the phone and call us – demanding that the Jivaldi team should immediately fly out to Apple HQ and take over design for the iWatch. (all expenses paid of course)

    We haven’t yet received this phone call, and we’re wondering why..

    Oh c’mon peeps! Seriously?

    This was not meant to be a serious product design as if we were somehow suggesting to the (Apple) legends themselves how the iWatch might be designed. Yikes!

    We all know that that the ‘real’ iWatch design will be non-intrusive, flexible, sleek and quite useful. We totally understand that our design is not this, but we hope you can appreciate this for what it is, eye candy, day dreaming…nothing more. 🙂

    Cheers & love the site Yanko!

  • John Vinceace says:

    wow. no way a team worked on this.

  • vivian says:

    totally agree!

  • Carson M. says:

    may not be practical but still pretty cool. can’t wait for the real thing!

  • peter says:

    why have so big screen? Can’t see the clock ?

  • Kemal says:

    Check pls: ”Nokia 888” Designed by Tamer Nakisci in 2005

  • John Wilmot says:

    I love this iWATCH!! When will it be available? I want one in BLACK/CARBONFIBER.

  • John Wilmot says:

    I love this iWATCH!! When will it be available? How much will it cost? I want one in BLACK/CARBONFIBER.

  • John says:

    Are these going to be available? If so,When? How much? Carbon-Fiber?

  • John says:

    Are these going to be available? when? How much? Carbon-Fiber? I want 4!!!

  • Art says:

    Indeed an elegant looking watch-phone.

    But as Kemal mentioned: There was somewhat similar Nokia 888 concept a few years ago.

  • Gordito says:

    I love this i watch I would for certainly wear ti

  • Gordito says:

    I love this i watch I would for certainly wear it

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