This All Terrain Wagon lets you haul your gear on land, sand, and even snow

When Bryce and Kurt first designed the All-Terrain Wagon, they didn’t even know they were inventing a new category of cargo-carrying trailers. The story of the world’s only ATW has an underlying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ sort of message to it, although once Bryce and Kurt designed their ATW, they realized what an incredibly useful little contraption it was and decided to file a patent on it.

Designers: Kurt Maclaurin & Bryce Gibson of Earth+Kin

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The patent-pending All Terrain Wagon is the only wagon that’s designed to work on soil, sand and snow, while being able to be pulled/pushed by hand, bicycle, motorbike, and even a car. Like the quintessential wagon, it comes with three sets of wheels (like a tricycle), although the two primary wheels have much more heavy-duty treads that allow the wagon to operate even on unforgiving terrain.

Although, those heavy-duty 16″ Fat Tires aren’t the ATW’s only innovation. The entire wagon is designed from the top down to be versatile in terms of where it’s used, what it carries, how it carries it, and whether the wagon’s hand-operated or attached to a vehicle. The wagon itself sports detachable wheels for easy maintenance, as well as removable side roll-bars depending on whether you need them or not. The front of the wagon comes with a detail for mounting the ATW’s adapters let you attach your wagon to the back of a bike or even a car, while on the other end of the ATW lies a telescopic handle for easily pushing or pulling your cargo. Perhaps one of my favorite aspect of the ATW is also the way the telescopic handle is designed to not obstruct the car’s license plate when mounted on the back of your vehicle. Its looped form factor provides a clear view of the car’s rear license plate, going to show how much planning and thought went into the All Terrain Wagon’s overall design.

The entire wagon measures 37″ length-wise, and 29″ from wheel to wheel. It weighs 20lbs when empty, and can carry up to 100lbs of cargo when attached to a car or bike, or 150 when manually operated by hand. The wagon’s storage area comes made from 100% PCR ballistic nylon fabric, making it not just rugged but waterproof too, and features a fold-down front with a zippered storage pocket on it. Other accessories for the ATW also include a cargo-holding elastic net as well as a weather-proof cover for concealing your belongings in the rain or snow. The vehicle attachments include a 1-1/4″ or 2″ hitch adapter for mounting the ATW to the back of your car like a trailer, as well as two types of bike adapters – one for your seat tube, and another that directly connects the ATW to your rear axle.

Ultimately, the All Terrain Wagon was built to cover a versatile set of use-cases that are only limited by the user’s imagination. You could essentially take it camping, on a fishing excursion, a trip to the beach, or even use it in your garage or backyard to transport gardening equipment or workshop tools from one part of your home to another. Given its nature of use, the All Terrain Wagon’s designed to be incredibly robust and durable, and is even covered by a Lifetime Warranty and free repairs on any sort of manufacturing defects. The wagons are designed and tested by Bryce and Kurt’s Boston-based family business Earth+Kin, who not only pledge to begin deliveries for the wagon by May 2022, but are also committed to refunding backers 100% of their money if the deliveries fall through and don’t make it for some unforeseen reason… and if that wasn’t enough, Earth+Kin donates 100% of all their profits to registered 501c3’s that support Earth and Family. E+K is B corp. pending and on a mission to build “Gear that Gives”.

Click Here to Buy Now: $135 $210 (35% off). Hurry, only 14/50 left! Raised over $110,00.