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If you’re one of those motorcycle purists who are more inclined to classic styling & time-proven mechanics, then… this is NOT the bike for you! The Revolver forces us to throw away everything we know about moto. At the heart of the design lies a revolving chamber where backup air tanks are stored in sequence to power its compressed-air engine. Like this unique motor, the rest of the bike is likely to be alien to most riders. The only thing you might recognize are the handlebars & tires- and that’s precisely its appeal!

Designer: Darren Kuo


  • DerDirk says:

    It’s stupid.
    you can’t drive a curve.

  • Jonson says:

    You have absolutely no idea what you talking. 😀
    Of course you can drive a curve…

  • mif991 says:

    Runs on compressed air, hey? what is the range?
    Besides that, I really like the styling, but I am afraid this is only a toy or gaming design. Bad ass look though.

  • Darren Kuo says:

    Thanks everyone to give advices,i am 23 years old, my dream is to make something between fantasy and reality, and this is my graduating project, I do my best to do what i want to do, and try to show my Personal qualities on this project.
    This moto is a conceptual design, I love conceptual design, cause it shows one thing surreal, and this is glorious!

  • Darren Kuo says:

    Can anyone tell me why i can’t see all comments?

  • Radhika Seth says:

    Hey Darren, all comments are above yours. Is there anything specific you were looking for?

  • Darren Kuo says:

    hi 🙂 i wanna see the Recent Comments below

  • Dave says:

    When presenting a new design, it will ALWAYS help if the object and background are not the same color.

  • i hate drive to curve,

  • Conor reilly says:

    That’s the coolest bike and design

  • Grey says:

    Novel design, however, anything powered by air needs to have oil pushed into the compressed air system to lubricate the moving parts. Excess oil is typically expelled through exhaust ports in compressed air systems. If the exhaust ports I see in the images are used in this fashion they will expel oil onto the rear tire. Looks good though.

  • Bob says:

    Carlito and DerDick are right. The front swing arm doesn’t provide any clearance for steering input. Plus that front swing arm looks a bit flimsy. There are massive loads placed on the pivot point primarily during braking. Trail braking under racing conditions would certainly magnify any front swing arm faults since the braking force moves from the centre of the frame to the arc of the curve.

    Great concept though.

  • JL Frusha says:

    Actually, a conventional pressurized oil system would work, without the exhaust losses, IB, I would add a jet that feeds through the rods, when each one is aligned to a matching port in the bearings and crankshaft. This was a racing mod, for high-compression, or high-pressure tubocharger modded Ford 2.3L 4 cyl. engines, back in the day. They even tapped for, then put in carb jets, to spray the cylinder walls, for better lubrication, with the dry-sump racing oil systems.

  • thomas hochheim says:

    Compressed air technology should be the future !! Great potential !!

  • John Scriven says:

    Bimota have been using this steering design on their Tesi model for many years

  • jojo says:

    I have an idea on how to make a energy wheel. talk to me

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