Super Substitutions

Super super substitutes! Each of these items is a domestic object not being used for its original use. I used too many “use” words in that sentence. Anyway! Each of these items is only completed by the items which it holds. For example, the book table: it holds books. As it becomes full of books, the books then become a table! Neat! Three items included in this set!

And this set is golden! Because everyone knows that three is a magic number. After the table (or before the table, depending on how you look at it,) we’ve got the lamp. The lamp is too bright until you fill it up with receipts, the receipts of course then becoming the shade for the lamp!

Then there’s the room divider. It’s just a lonely set of hanger-like objects on poles until their full of your most fashionable fashions. Then they divide rooms with the best of em! Go Gabi!

Designer: Gabi Crohn

Substitutes by Gabi Crohn 01

substitutes 02

substitutes 03

Substitutes by Gabi Crohn 04


Substitutes by Gabi Crohn 06