YD Handpicks – The Best EDC of 2018!


What would we do without EDC? EDC is literally one of the most important categories of product design, given that they’re as invisible and as necessary as the air we breathe. An abbreviation for Every Day Carry, EDC is quite literally anything you’d carry with you or on you everyday. It comprises everything from your keys to your wallet, to a watch, to even a pen, or a multitool that you may keep on your person, to get out of tough fixes. Anything you’d carry with you every day, only because getting through your day without it is near impossible.

The 2018 throwback looks at all the EDC from this year that’s wowed us, pretty much with the only hope that 2019 can match up to the spectacular standard this year has set by providing us with innovative, incredible, and indispensable EDC that makes life easier and more enriched!

The way Caswell’s Morphing Karambit knife opens and closes is a thing of sheer beauty. It uses a parallel motion linkage, as opposed to a single-point swivel.

Integrated into the end of the pen, a finger fidget mechanism allows users to turn the wheels, press buttons and feel the intaglio to their subconscious heart’s content!

Relying on a system that uses positive and negative shapes (think: jigsaw puzzle, or key and keyhole), Linx allows you to simply slide the keyring in and out of its holder by matching shapes.

Designed to be a tiny, square-shaped object when not in use, the FOCX smart wallet comes with an elastic band that expands to hold as many as 5 cards.

The Manmower needs no electricity, no shaving cream, no water, and no prep. Just pull it out of your pocket and roll it across your jawline (you could practically do this in public too) and the Manmower cuts away at your beard, giving you a uniform stubble in no time.

Made for designers, engineers, technicians, and the MacGyver in all of us, the Alt Pen is half pen, half multitool.

The Puna, tiny in size but big in features, is a multi-tool in disguise. It is perfect for cutting, twisting, prying, unscrewing or just fidgeting with!

Built from reclaimed industrial files, the Kiridashi by OriginHG features a small pocket-friendly design and even a nice knurled grip, courtesy the industrial file’s abrasive surface.

Maker Blade comes with a unique sliding design that’s actuated from inside the handle… and no matter how hard you press against the blade, it doesn’t retract until you tug on the slider inside to pull the blade back in.

“The Writer” replicates its owner’s signature by using historic cam technology and a complex series of 585 parts, assembled and finished by hand.

At a mere 0.4 inches thick, the Ekster 3.0 can hold cards, cash, and even a GPS tracker that lets you locate your wallet using your phone. It comes with space to store as many as 12 cards, featuring an engaging trigger mechanism that allows the cards to instantly pop out of the wallet for you to pick.

Not only looks incredible with its skeletal, bare-basics look, tilt it just a bit and the sapphire crystal’s refractive index creates a beautiful diamond-like glimmer around the edges.

The Snarl has two ways of gripping it. Traditionally, holding the area behind the blade like a handle, or using its finger-hole for far more dexterity and control… allowing you to go about all sorts of tasks with it by holding it in a fashion that works better for you.

Touted as the smallest phone charger in the world, the Chargerito is literally the size of a car key-fob, and transforms swiftly and smoothly into two prongs and connector that you can plug into a socket and charge your phone.

The MyKee 2.0 sports over 20 unique functionalities built into one compact unit you can take with you just about anywhere.

Focused on only the visual essentials of reading time, the band features 60 seamlessly integrated multicolor-LEDs that count down the hours and minutes.

Made to accompany your favorite EDC knife, the Knife Maintenance Tool is small enough to fit right into your pocket, strapped to your keychain.

A series of slanted cuts, spaced apart to provide a balance between flexibility and rigidity without breaking apart, are placed in the arm of the carabiner.

Designed to be the thinnest and lightest wallet we’ve ever seen, the Micro Wallet is just 2.3mm thick, is durable, waterproof, eco-friendly, comes with space for 8 cards and cash, and even integrates RFID protection.

The Pocketbands 3.0 is a replacement for your chunky, clunky wallet. It holds your keys and loose change, strapping them to your arm so you know exactly where they are, and it uses your wrist, a resource you always have, instead of a pocket, something that one may or may not possess depending on the clothes you’re in.

The Horizon puts the entire day on your wrist with its 24-hour format. The way it does it feels completely natural as compared to most 24 hour watches that need getting used to.

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