The magic knife blade that only retracts when you want it to

Crazy youtube maker ‘Giaco Whatever’ may best be known for his liquid nitrogen powered nerf gun or metal sharpie, but his latest creation is just as remarkable. Powered by what Giacomo refers to as ‘witchcraft’, his Maker Blade comes with a unique sliding design that’s actuated from inside the handle… and no matter how hard you press against the blade, it doesn’t retract until you tug on the slider inside to pull the blade back in.

The Maker Utility Knife comes crafted from aerospace grade materials with a stainless steel core and ceramic blades and is made from Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM, but not the other kind), which is far more accurate than traditional CNC milling. The deployment mechanism is a thing of wonder, as it works completely from the inside, by inserting your finger or thumb into the slider ring and pushing forwards or backwards. The mechanism uses no springs, and from the images, doesn’t have a locking position and trigger, unlike other blades. Without these, the blade still manages to stay in place, not retracting back even as much as a millimeter even when impacted upon. However, slide your finger into the ring and pull back and the blade retracts with a buttery smoothness that’s equal parts beautiful and baffling. Available in silver and black variants, the Maker Utility Knife comes with an incredibly slim profile and pocket-friendly size, a pocket clip and is completely waterproof. Click the link below to grab one for yourself and honestly help me figure out how the blade retraction works. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for my own Maker Utility Knife to ship!

Designer: Giacomo Di Muro

Click Here to Buy Now: $45.5








Click Here to Buy Now: $45.5