The world’s smallest portable charger is big on convenience

What a time to live in when your charger, that brick and wire duo that give life to your phone but are either too bulky or too entangle-prone to carry around, that charger of yours, becomes worthy of the EDC category. Touted as the smallest phone charger in the world, the Chargerito is literally the size of a car key-fob, and transforms swiftly and smoothly into two prongs and connector that you can plug into a socket and charge your phone. The connector comes with a hinge that folds inwards when not in use (as do the prongs), and swivels outwards to turn into a charging stand for your phone as it rests against the wall, making it stable so that it doesn’t fall.

Created by a bunch of entrepreneurs who sought to make the phone’s most important accessory as accessible as everything else, the Chargerito uses the smallest components available on the market and comes in Lightning, USB-C, and MicroUSB variants. What’s cooler is that it even integrates a bottle opener into the design to sweeten the deal. With its handy size, the Chargerito puts the power to charge any and every device you own in your own palms… and it comes with a delightfully sassy tagline… “Our competitors are giants”!

Designers: Alex Andon, Nick Velander & Drew Hauck.

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