From industrial tools to incredible EDC!


Tiny, yet dangerous, the Japanese Kiridashi is a compact pocketable knife that’s often underestimated because of its size, but can outperform most knives. Make them out of one of the most resilient alloys of steel, and you’ve got a knife that’s with you for life.

Built from reclaimed industrial files, the Kiridashi by OriginHG features a small pocket-friendly design and even a nice knurled grip, courtesy the industrial file’s abrasive surface. Crafted out of tool steel, these knives are guaranteed to be stronger and last longer than your regular EDC gear… plus, crafted manually from reclaimed files, each knife is unique in its texture pattern. The knives come with a leather lanyard and sheath, for storage and easy carrying/handling. Each knife is no longer than the palm of your hand, but don’t let that fool you. These knives are still incredibly powerful!

Designer: Marc Liss of OriginHG