The World’s Tiniest Multitool Packs a Punch!

Let not its adorable size fool you. These folding knives and multi-tools are powerful and proficient and are sure to get you out of random daily situations. Touted as the world’s smallest folding scalpels, the Crane and Puna pack a punch even though they’re literally the size of your pinky finger.

The Crane, modeled on the format of a straight razor, comes at just over 2 inches when closed, and just short of 4 inches when opened. It easily fits into the ticket pocket on your jeans (yes, that tiny little pocket you see on the front-right side of your hip), and is officially the smallest folding scalpel blade in the world. However, it’s the Puna multi-tool that steals the show. Modeled to look like a rifle, the Puna actually packs functionality in every possible detail. For example, its barrel doubles as a scalpel blade, while the silencer that attaches itself to the front is actually a miniature screw-driver, ideal for small screws you’d find anywhere from on your phones to even your spectacles. Move on to the detachable magazine and you’ve got yourself another interchangeable screwdriver that can be inverted to reveal the screwdriver’s head. Lastly, the stock of the rifle serves the purpose of working as not only a bottle opener, but its hollow design allows it to slip directly into your keychain too!

Both the Crane and Puna are made out of stainless steel, but the Puna takes its avatar a bit too seriously and comes in a rather extensive miniature (business-card-sized) gun-case with all your tools laid out, waiting to be assembled. Both scalpels use standard No.11 blades that are interchangeable as well as disposable, just in case you end up carrying these tiny punters to the airport by accident. Ideal for having at your desk as a cool addition to your stationery set, or even on your person (if EDC is bae), the Crane and Puna go on to show that size doesn’t matter… and that the world’s smallest scalpel can still be the world’s coolest and most efficient one!

Designer: 3Coil Design

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The Puna, tiny in size but big in features, is a multi-tool in disguise. It is perfect for cutting, twisting, prying, unscrewing or just fidgeting with!







What is the “Crane” Knife?


The Crane is the smallest folding scalpel blade in the world. Keeping a blade sharp can be a real challenge, and depending on the knife this can also require a lot of skill. This is why we love scalpel blades for day-to-day use. Since a blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp one, it is important that as soon as a blade shows signs of dullness, it is replaced with a razor sharp new one.



Click here to Buy Now: $19.00