OBSBOT Defies Expectations With The ‘Tiny 2’ AI-Powered 4K Webcam

We’re in a unique period of innovation where we’ve discovered AI, but we’re seeing how good it is at some things, and how bad it is at others. For starters, AI is great at proofreading – it’s terrible at coming up with life advice. It’s great at understanding objects and subjects in a video – it’s terrible at making videos of its own. It makes sense to leverage the good parts of AI, rather than fumble with the bad ones – and that’s something the folks at OBSBOT have capitalized on. The Tiny 2 4K webcam uses AI in all sorts of ways to enhance what a webcam does. It understands voice commands and will capture video accordingly. It can automatically follow a subject, zooming in on them when necessary, and zoom out when multiple subjects enter the frame. When you can’t give voice commands (maybe you’re in the middle of a presentation), hand gestures help the Tiny 2 understand how to compose a shot. You can use it to track subjects, or even focus on body parts like hands while writing or making art, or feet during dance practices. A dedicated whiteboard mode lets the Tiny 2 hone in on a board during presentations, and if you want to broadcast your workspace while on call, Desk Mode lets you get a perfect top view of your work. If all that wasn’t enough, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 also packs a massive 1/1.5″ CMOS sensor capable of delivering 4K, with ISO switching for day and night settings, HDR for great contrast, and all-pixel auto-focus for accurate focusing and blurring even in low light settings. It might look like a webcam, but it’s a 4K action camera mounted on a gimbal with AI chops.

Designer: OBSBOT

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The Tiny 2 builds on the success of the OBSBOT Tiny, which launched in 2019. Visually, it retains the same gimbal-mounted template that was such a smash hit 5 years ago… but on the hardware and software front, the Tiny 2 comes with some impressive upgrades, making it perfect for office presentations, streaming, podcasting, vlogging, gaming, basic content creation or just being able to livestream – something that’s been gaining popularity over the years. It becomes tricky (and sometimes expensive) to splurge on an entire professional recording setup, with multiple devices, wires, etc… but that’s where the Tiny 2 is such a powerhouse. Although it parades around as a webcam, the 1/1.5″ CMOS sensor inside the Tiny 2 measures roughly 5x larger than the sensors found on most webcams. A bigger sensor means more light, better clarity, clearer videos in low-light, and the ability to shoot higher definition. The Tiny 2 outputs 4K video, which on its own is impressive for a webcam, but also has a few extra tricks up its sleeve.

AI Tracking with Auto Zoom

Unparalleled 4K Video: Combining the 1/1.5’’ CMOS and OBSBOT camera calibration technology, OBSBOT Tiny 2 brings sharper detail, a higher dynamic range, and more natural color, as they are seen in the natural world.

The webcam comes with two native ISOs, allowing it to quickly switch between different lighting conditions. While almost every other webcam adjusts its image by manipulating exposure, the Tiny 2 relies on dual native ISOs to help it adjust in day and night settings. This effectively means much more accurate color capture without overexposed burn spots in bright scenarios and noisy images in low-light settings. The two ISO settings effectively mean the webcam can capture two photos together at the same time – a feature that allows the Tiny 2 to produce sharp HDR video that’s comparable to the kind seen on flagship smartphones… but in real-time, and without any motion blur. Speaking of blur, the Tiny 2 also gets OBSBOT’s All-Pixel Auto Focus feature, which works most faster than cameras that use phase detection to hone in on subjects. It relies on every single pixel on its 50MP sensor to focus on subjects, working 4x faster even in low-light settings.

Control the OBSBOT Tiny 2 with just your voice, even if your hand is full.

That, however, is just half of what the Tiny 2 can boast of. While the original OBSBOT Tiny did come with AI tracking and gesture control, the new webcam on the block adds voice commands to the mix too. All AI features get major enhancements thanks to OBSBOT’s proprietary deep neural learning network algorithm. This means better subject recognition (with the ability to track you as you move around and even zoom in on you to compose a better frame), and advanced gesture recognition. You can now zoom in 4X with a simple hand gesture, or move your hands closer or further to have the camera zoom in or out, sort of like a movie director. If your hands are occupied, voice commands let you tell the Tiny 2 to track or untrack you, zoom in or out, or go to predetermined positions. You can now even tell the Tiny 2 to go to sleep or wake up through a simple voice command. Dual omnidirectional microphones allow the Tiny 2 to capture clear audio from anywhere, whether you’re sitting in front of it while streaming, or presenting to it from a few feet away.

Desk Mode

The Tiny 2’s neural learning allows it to track hands too, or even track body parts for unique choreographic styles. A Desk Mode lets you point your camera down at your desk and automatically have it keystone the video for a top-view shot. A companion remote controller lets you micro-adjust the Tiny 2, and even has a Whiteboard Mode, allowing the webcam to focus on a whiteboard in the room, cropping everything out for perfect presentations. Without the remote control, the webcam does have the ability to move around on its own, thanks to a 2-axis gimbal system. You can even manually adjust the Tiny 2’s frame with your hands, or face it downwards when you want it to go to sleep for your own privacy.

A lot of other power features remain the same (because why fix something that isn’t broken), like the presence of various mounts that let you attach your webcam to a monitor, a tripod, or even a ceiling mount. The Tiny 2’s angle can easily be adjusted, and for social content creators, you can record in 4K in portrait mode too – something that other webcams could only dream of. A companion desktop application known as the OBSBOT Center lets you adjust a myriad of settings like focus and AFK or Away From Keyboard protocols. There’s a ‘Beauty Mode’ too, just in case you’re having a bad skin day, and virtual backgrounds you can choose from. The app even lets you set hot keys and shortcuts that you can either map onto your keyboard, or onto an Elgato Stream Deck for that professional-grade setup.

All this advancement puts the OBSBOT Tiny 2 in a category of its own. The $329 price tag may seem high for the webcam category, but then again, it’s vastly better than your average $50 webcam, and it’s also fairly cheaper than most 4K action cameras that professionals tend to use for recording/live-streaming… plus where else could you get advanced AI-powered tracking, gesture-recognition, and voice command control? Besides, grab the Tiny 2 on Prime Day and you’ll get yourself a 10% discount – $296. Deal activates on July 16th! No matter your requirements or your budget, the OBSBOT Tiny 2 ticks all the right boxes.

Limited Time Prime Day Offer: $296 (10% Off)! Regularly $329. Starts July 16th. Click Here to Buy Now.