A Pocket Knife that Works like Panther-claws


The way Caswell’s Morphing Karambit knife opens and closes is a thing of sheer beauty. It uses a parallel motion linkage, as opposed to a single-point swivel. The result is a knife where the blade can slide outwards even as your palm is wrapped around the handle. The action is swift, decisive, and the blade doesn’t even have to touch your palm or fingers as it slides outwards and in. It also makes the Morphing Karambit incredibly hypnotic to look at (especially in slow motion!).

The Karambit’s award-winning design comes from asking a basic question. How can you deploy a pocket knife’s blade while your fingers are securely wrapped around the handle? The same goes for when you’re closing the blade. With regular pocket knives, the blade essentially needs to travel through your fingers, because its path was defined by its single-pivot design. The resulting Morphing Karambit does a 180 (clever wordplay intended) on the default mechanism, opting for a linkage that causes the blade to move in and out innovatively, through the front of the knife. Using a parallel motion linkage, the blade slides out like the claw of a ferocious jungle cat, clicking satisfyingly as it locks in its open position, and casually returning to its retracted position when you’re done using it.

The Karambit’s curved blade design lends itself to a lot of activities, from cutting to shearing and shredding (coming originally from 11th century Indonesia, where it was used for hunting and agriculture). Made from Steel with a Tungsten DLC coating, the Karambit is unexpectedly efficient, and can be used not only for everyday tasks and outdoor activities, but even in emergencies, cutting through paracords, seatbelts, tough clothing, medical packages, etc. With just five precisely machined parts, fasteners, and a zero-profile titanium pocket clip, the Karambit’s elegant design fits well into the hand as well as comfortably into pockets, making it ideal EDC for passionate hobbyists, outdoor wanderers, safety personnel, and first responders alike!

Designer: Joe Caswell

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Seamless, Intuitive Blade Deployment. No need to remove fingers from the tool to allow blade to pass.

User Safety is Enhanced because fingers do not cross a rotational path of a blade while the tool is grasped for use. [While safety is enhanced with this design, it should NOT be construed that conventional designs, made and used properly, are “unsafe.”]

– Convenient, Discrete “Zero-Profile” titanium pocket clip allows secure, deep-pocket carry without sacrificing accessibility. It does not create discomfort while the knife is grasped for use. It is much less likely to snag upon or damage objects encountered in close quarters compared with a conventional protruding pocket clip.


– Elegant Design including just FIVE principle parts, plus fasteners (and pocket clip). It is compact, rugged and optimized for use under demanding conditions.


–  Versatile. The MKV2 may be safely grasped and deployed in different ways to accommodate the present task.


100% MANUAL. MKV2 is NOT an automatic or assisted-opening knife! As such, it is generally legal to possess and carry anywhere a 2.5-inch locking folding knife is allowed. *Always know your local restrictions concerning pocket knives.






Click here to Buy Now: $450.00 $650.00