The wallet that’s smaller than your cards!

Great things come in small packages. That’s what they say… and they’re probably referring to the FOCX Smart Wallet. Simple, sensible, and small, the FOCX ticks all the correct boxes. Designed to be a tiny, square-shaped object when not in use (which means its packaging is smaller too), the FOCX smart wallet comes with an elastic band that expands to hold as many as 5 cards. You can easily access your card of preference by simply pulling up an elastic tab that lets your most-used card slide out from the pack. Put the card back and the elastic tab retracts too, back into the wallet’s slick form factor. The FOCX even has a clip on the side that can hold another 5 cards or cash, serving as not only a cardholder but a money-clip too.

Made from a combination of Leather, Elastic, and Yarn, the FOCX feels natural as it employs only the materials fit for their purpose. Speaking of purpose, the FOCX, within its incredibly compact frame, even fits an NFC chip (with 540bytes of storage) that can be an incredibly handy feature, allowing you to store contact details, or work details, or even your business card. Simply tap your wallet on someone’s phone to share your website or your business card with them!

For a wallet as small as the FOCX, it packs in a great deal, both in capacity and features. I’m a personal fan of the NFC technology that allows the wallet to hold an infinite variety of information. Who needs to have a slot to store business cards when your wallet is in itself, your virtual business card!

Designer: Serkan Elbasan