The wireless gadget that can charge your phone through the table

An effective wireless charger is a wireless charger that does its job without being around your phone. Imagine sitting at the table, just placing your phone on the counter and it begins charging. No pads, no branding, no products. Just the promise of invisible charging. That future isn’t far off, especially with the Archon promising to do just that. The Archon works like normal wireless chargers, but rather than having you place it on the table and then put your phone on top of it, the Archon gets fixed under the table. It then passes wireless energy right through the table and to your phone.

The most obvious benefit of the Archon is its invisibility. It transforms any counter-top into a charging station, and more importantly, doesn’t occupy crucial table-space with pads, docks, and wires. The Archon works with most countertop materials, be it glass, marble, granite, wood, plastic, or quartz (it doesn’t work with metal countertops). The Archon mounts to the bottom via an adhesive pad and can project wireless energy for distances of up to 35mm, covering the thickness of even the thickest of counter-tops. The second, and more important benefit of the Archon lies in this 35mm metric. Since it comes with a 35mm buffer zone, unlike other chargers that need to be as close to the phone as possible, the Archon works with phones that have thick cases or pop-sockets on them… and with a 10W output, it fast-charges your phones too.

Invisible, yet effective, the Archon charges without being there. It doesn’t occupy space on the table, or obstruct your decor with unnecessary tech/wires/lights/branding. It works behind the scenes, and through thick and thin, allowing your regular, covered, or even bedazzled phone to charge completely, because that’s the point of wireless charging! It shouldn’t be ‘tied up’ by constraints!

Designer: Archon Charging