An EDC to maintain your EDCs


Even the best blades lose their shine after months of use, which is why CRKT’s Knife Maintenance Tool is such a heaven sent. Made to accompany your favorite EDC knife, the Knife Maintenance Tool is small enough to fit right into your pocket, strapped to your keychain.

The Glass-reinforced nylon body holds a T6 and T8 Torx screwdriver, a bottle-opener, and most importantly, a knife sharpener and honing edge. A perfect companion to your outdoor knife, the Knife Maintenance Tool gets to work when your trusty EDC’s blade goes dull, allowing you to restore it to its past glory, thanks to the tungsten-carbide sharpening edge and the ceramic honing edge. A useful accessory to your EDC kit, the Maintenance Tool from the mind of Tom Stokes not only empowers your knives, but gives you the added advantage of having Torx screwdrivers, a flat-head screwdriver, and a bottle opener always handy!

Designer: Stokes Design for CRKT

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