Palm-sized yet Powerful

Small and potent, like a stick of dynamite, the Snarl shouldn’t be taken at face value. With an overall length of 4.3 inches (half of which is the blade), the Snarl has two ways of gripping it. Traditionally, holding the area behind the blade like a handle, or using its finger-hole for far more dexterity and control… allowing you to go about all sorts of tasks with it by holding it in a fashion that works better for you.

The Snarl’s sheepsfoot blade allows for effortless cutting and slicing while minimizing the chances of anything accidentally being pierced by the pointed part of the blade. Made from 9Cr18MoV steel, one of the most popular blade steels in the world, the Snarl retains its cutting edge for longer than others, while also preventing rust and corrosion. Easy to grip, use, and even sharpen, the Snarl may seem diminutive and playful, but it’s far from that. Just to control its temperament, it also comes with a molded hard nylon sheath and a pocket/belt clip to safely carry it around in.

Designers: Jason Brous & SOG

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