The Quiver X: A Backpack for Jungles and Concrete Jungles

Backpacks, although used for their functional features, often cross heavily into the domain of fashion too. If there were five backpacks that did the exact same thing and cost exactly the same, a consumer would end up choosing the backpack that they connected with the most… so while we feature a lot of travel bags on YD, each bag speaks to a different sort of persona. Some bags appeal to the traveling businessman, while others appeal to the wanderlust. The Quiver X appeals to people who like a bit of ‘extreme’ in their lives once in a while.

Made to be the bag you pick no matter where you want to go, the Quiver can be carried on flights, to work, around the city, or even through rainforests. The perfect rectangular format maximizes volume, allowing you to carry pretty much anything you want. Dedicated pockets for laptops and EDC are a standard and the Quiver X does it too. In fact, it goes one step further with RFID-blocking access pouches in the shoulder-straps, and a few several steps further with self-locking zips that automatically stick together when closed, so pickpockets can’t unzip your bag without a struggle (there’s a simple side-pull technique to open these zips). The bag comes with a nylon construction and a DWR coating, giving it a water-repellent property, so you could literally shower with the Quiver X and have all your belongings dry. In fact, the Quiver X was even built to be used in the shower! A separate, see-through waterproof lining allows you to use your phone from inside the bag. The lining is touch-sensitive, allowing you to play music, accept or reject calls while in the rain or in the shower, while a toiletries pouch right underneath lets you swiftly access your toiletries without getting a drop of water on any of your belongings.

The Quiver X comes with a handle and detachable shoulder straps, allowing you to carry it in your hand, sling it, or strap it in. An additional luggage strap lets you fasten the Quiver X to your wheel-in suitcase to make traveling with luggage easier. Don’t want to overdo on the carrying? The bag even comes with its ‘wingman’, the Nock Pack. The Nock Pack lets you travel light, allowing you to carry things like a change of clothes, or stuff you’d put in your pockets but don’t have the space for. Made to be waterproof too, the Nock is the perfect Robin to the Batman that is the Quiver X. It handles the small-time problems, leaving the large, heavy-duty activities and adventures to the highly-capable, durable, and trustworthy Quiver X.

Designers: CK Koh & Mandy Chan

Click here to Buy Now: $123 $163 (25% off). Hurry, only 14 left!


Quiver X is the ultimate 3-in-1 everyday carry bag that is designed for the daily commuter, active gym-goer and frequent traveler.


It enables you to move seamlessly from place to place – from indoor to out, from work to play; in just one pack.


With an enhanced lightweight material for the G hook, you can now switch between different styles effortlessly. Sling it, backpack it or grip it.


This all-weatherproof bag is your constant companion.

Infused with a DWR coating, Quiver X’s nylon fabric shields your valuables come rain or shine.

Quiver X’s Auto-lock zip mechanism secures your valuables. Simply touch the zips together and the bag is locked! Want to unlock it? Just pull it to the side and voila.

Quiver X’s 180 shower compartment comes with dedicated pockets for your toiletries and clothes. Navigate your phone even in the shower, thanks to the integrated waterproof touch-sensitive fabric.


Quiver X is packed with interior and exterior organizational pockets, dedicated compartments for both a laptop and tablet, plus a quick access card slot pocket with RFID protection.


A special nook for your glasses


… and ajustable chest straps.


Whether you’re pitching in the field or the boardroom, the Quiver X has enough space to carry all your gear.

The Complete Features of Quiver X below.



Click here to Buy Now: $123 $163 (25% off). Hurry, only 14 left!