YD’S Top 25 – Best of 2016

Twenty Sixteen was supposed to be all about micro-moments, IoT, investing in your team and designing from within. However, it turned out to be more about Brands trying to re-invent shoddy story-telling, Startups crumbling faster than your cookies and Social Media Platforms influencing (disputable) the fate of some politicians. All leading us to that moment of the year when we sit back to reflect – what the hell happened to Pebble and Coolest Cooler! Great designs, but lacking business sense.

At YD, inspiration, innovation and imagination have always played a defining role in our processes. But over the years our audiences have matured, and as we transcend borders to reach each one of you – our old and new readers, we have come to realize that Design is no longer one dimensional: offering an innovative solution. It is more holistic with a 360-degree view and thus the business of design is equally important to our readers.

As we look towards 2017 with the hope of a more evolved world, let’s recap the Top 25 that rocked at YD.

25. HIFA Coffee Maker by Adrián Pérez & Mauricio Carvajal


The HIFA coffee maker considers sustainability and final consumption of the user. But how? The reason might surprise you… MUSHROOMS! The coffee grinds are reused with an easy transfer of the material to a section of the appliance dedicated to growing mushrooms that the user can use later for cooking.

24. Audi Layer by Jarim Koo


The Audi Layer doesn’t just look futuristic. It IS futuristic. Combining 4 devices into a single form, this genius of a peripheral will literally be all you need to attach to your computer.

23. The Cobbler Amplifier by Teicneo


The music you’re listening to on your headphones is probably a dozen times more inferior than the music your iPod or portable media device churns out. It’s called downsampling, and it’s every audiophile’s worst nightmare. The Cobbler amplifier takes care of that.

22. The CityGo by Jason Lee


The CityGo Urban is a motorized scooter that acts as a compact personal transportation vehicle. Think of it as the Segway’s cooler looking cousin.

21. Sa Umbrella by Justin Nagelberg


Designed as a much-needed upgrade on the older umbrella, this one opts for a concealed magnetic opening mechanism, more durable and environment-friendly fabric, and a handle that just needs a twist to open, and a pull to close.

20. Goat Story Coffee Mug by Anze Miklavec


GOAT STORY is shaped like one’s horn, making it a fun way to enjoy your morning joe.

19. Kosmos Pen by stilform


Bringing the elegance and class of the fountain pen to the writing prowess of gel-pen technology.The pen has a two-piece design that join together to expose the tip, and separate out to shut the pen.

18. The Weather Cube by Yu Zhuang


Rather than glance at your smartphone, open the newspaper or turn on the TV, this artistic object displays the current weather outside by manipulating water to express conditions.

17. Spiral Lamp by Andrii Kovalskyi


This elegant series of sculptural luminaires is a literal twist on pendant and wall sconce style lighting. The artistic design is made possible with modern, flexible LED light strips wrapped in a warm wood veneer.

16. IP Knife by Klivisson Campelo

The IP Knife is futuristic, yet almost paleolithic too. Taking inspiration from the chiseled appearance of stone-age tools, the IP Knife brings that raw geometry to a clean design, creating something that’s minimal to look at, but filled with meaning!

15. The Scarab Mouse/Gamepad by Jan Winkels


I absolutely love the idea of having a mouse transform into a fully functional gamepad with a pretty admirable level of ergonomic detailing.

14. Skid Knife by Sven Regener


The Skid knife looks pretty wicked… but I can’t really tell when the handle ends and the blade begins! Made out of 97% wood and just 3% carbon steel, the Skid knife looks absolutely sharp, both figuratively as well as literally!

13. The ShelterPack by Hakan Gursu


The ShelterPack is a disaster relief home that fits a bedroom (with 4 beds), bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, and a dining space (with furniture) into a slab just about 80 centimeters in height. The entire apartment can be set up in just a few hours by elevating the ceiling, and putting the walls in place.

12. The Tomahawk Hawkaxe by Kevin Clarridge


The Tomahawk Hawkaxe is designed to not just be efficient, but also promote the correct style of using the axe. Its hollow blade area makes it unbelievably light, which means you need to hold the axe near the blade to exert force, because there isn’t much momentum with an axe this light. This little hack actually gets us to operate the axe the right way!

11. The Audi Truck Plan B by Artem Smirnov & Vladimir Panchenko


Designed as an Electric autonomous ‘show’ truck, the aesthetic of this concept is curvy and reminiscent of Daniel Simon’s design style (subjectivity alert!).

10. Noria AC by Noria Home


Noria is significantly smaller and easier to install than these bulky window ACs we all know (and hate!). In fact, it’s 40% smaller than existing units, while achieving 5,000 BTU cooling capacity.

9. Spatula/Knife Set by Juan Restrepo


Juan Restrepo has taken two of the most commonly used kitchen tools and given them a sleek makeover with variations in high-end materials like black ebony and light hardwood to compliment your designer kitchen style.

8. Life Card by PlusUs Studio


Touted as the world’s thinnest and most compact power bank, the Life Card fits right into your wallet. Its brushed metal finish makes it go well with your Platinum Visas and Mastercards.

7. Odyssey Watch by Sahil Ravjit & Andra Wibisono


It’s an elegant, modern take on a classic precision timepiece – the chronograph. Its distinguished sub-dials have marked plates in place of traditional hands, creating the illusion of time passing as numbers slowly vanish out of sight. Dotted markers orbit at varying speeds, drawing the eye to a graceful movement while indicated the time elapsed.

6. Mygdal Plantlight by Studio We Love Eames


You love plants, plants love light, you love light, you’ll both love the Mygdal plantlight! It’s a revolutionary lighting solution not just because the luminaire is a completely self-sustaining ecosystem where the plants can grow-undisturbed, but also because of its one-of-a-kind electrically conductive glass coating.

5. The Dango Wallet by Thuan Tran


The Dango is literally your everything wallet… Built of the finest leather and precisely molded from aluminum, the Dango wallet comes in awesome and awesomer variants. Dango Dapper gives your wallet its much needed style upgrade. It retains a hint of leather, but is mainly Aluminum, keeping the construction sexy as well as sturdy. There’s a bottle opener built into the Aluminum frame, just to up your swag a little bit more!

4. GyroCycle by Clyde Igarashi


This two-wheeled, self-balancing motorcycle can stay upright all by itself thanks to an internal gyroscopic balancing system. It makes it near impossible for users to fall over so they can concentrate on and enjoy the ride. You can even kick it or crash it and it will stay upright thanks to the internal gyroscopes!

3. The Leather Duffle 6-in-1 Backpack by Johnathan Webster


Designers broadly aim for two reactions to their design. For other designers to go “I wish I had thought of that”, and for everyone else to go “I want to own that”. The Leather Duffle 6-in-1 backpack ticks both those boxes.

2. Espire Gas Mask by Carlos Schreib


The Espire gas mask explores the use of modern material technologies that allow for a lighter, slimmer, sleeker form that enhances comfort by literally turning the archetypical mask upside down! The spin-on filter is now located at the top of the mask to accommodate a transparent mouth section. The air flow is guided in a linear stream from the top of the mask, where the air first interacts with the visor to keep it free from fog.

1. Pyro Mini by Ellusionist Deign


Aside from helping us tell the time, or check a pulse, I don’t see wrists as having achieved much of a reputation. Ellusionist wants to change that, by giving your wrist the ability to shoot out balls of fire. Yes, that seems to be the highest honor one can bestow upon a lowly body-part like the wrist.

Honorable Mentions

10. Air-tree by Euikyun Koh


This very modern and minimalistic air conditioning system, will spread cold air 360 degrees throughout the home.

9. Ruggie by Winson Tam

Ruggie is essentially a carpet alarm clock, which requires you to step on it for at least 3 seconds, to stop the buzzing.

8. M1 Underwater Breathing by Julien Boucher


The design allows users to take one additional breath when diving, extending their time underwater by one minute.

7. Quantum Motor Racing by Tom Sela


The QMR (Quantum Motor Racing) concept explores the use of quantum levitation, a far-out yet feasible expansion of magnet tech that relies on temperature adjustments and a delicate balance of superconductors and magnets.

6. Echo Phone by Faisal Semari


Echo believes phones shouldn’t be brick-ish, but rather should have organic shapes so as to ensure ease-of-use.

5. The Audi Truck by Artem Smirnov & Vladimir Panchenko


The goal was to make a Self-Driving Electric Truck for Audi. The category seemed so new and fresh, that it only made sense to reinvent what trucks look like.

4. Pillars of Flux by Erdem Batirbek & Keremcan Kirilmaz


Pillars of Flux is a network of skyscrapers used as a vertical shipping port designed for expanding ports and emerging ports of tomorrow.

3. The Reset by Paulo Italiani


Designed to open out like a futuristic sail, the car can harness solar energy to give it the juice it needs to propel you well into the future!

2. SVPER by Rafał Czaniecki


The SVPER concept smartphone stands out with super aesthetics that are highly focused on minimalism without losing individualism.

1. Alfa Romeo AW30 by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut


The Alfa Romeo AW30 is a futuristic concept Grand Prix racer that runs on wind-power.