They call me… Dragonwrist!

Aside from helping us tell the time, or check a pulse, I don’t see wrists as having achieved much of a reputation. Ellusionist wants to change that, by giving your wrist the ability to shoot out balls of fire. Yes, that seems to be the highest honor one can bestow upon a lowly body-part like the wrist. The Pyro Mini is a battery powered flamethrower that mounts on your wrists. It shoots out flash paper which ignites instantly and burns in milliseconds with no ash, making it look like a fireball for that split second. While the entire thing doesn’t last for more than a fleeting moment, it’s still fire, and pretty lethal, and isn’t for kids (I’m serious, you need to be above 18 to purchase a Pyro Mini). The Pyro Mini comes with the ability to charge via USB, and all you do is load Flash Paper refills in and you’re set to go. It’s small design means you can strap it to your wrist and no-one will know. While there’s a trigger on the Pyro, it also comes with a remote, allowing you to trigger it inconspicuously. Or if you’re the dramatic type, scream “Dracarys” before letting the fire rain down! (Also stay safe. We here at Yanko would love to continue having you as a patron and reader!)

Designer: Ellusionist Design

Buy It Here: $109.00 $147.00