Get Your Chill On


It has been a hot summer where I am located and the cost of cooling my home has been extremely high. Running that central air conditioning can totally drain your bank account if you’re not careful. Running the ceiling fan or a desk fan, helps a wee bit, but they don’t really work with cooling down the place – at all.

Euikyun Koh, a designer from Seoul, Korea might just have a solution to my draining bank account. It’s called Air-tree. This very modern and minimalistic air conditioning system, will spread cold air 360 degrees throughout the home.

Air-tree has two settings that are controlled by the remote control that can attach to the body of the Air-Tree. The two modes are cooling all around the home or a more focused cooling for one person. The wooden top raises and lowers to control the wind speed of the air being released. And when not in use, and the top is down, it can totally double as a table – it looks that good to be used year round.

Designer: Euikyun Koh





When focused cooling is needed, you simply remove the remote control and take it with you. Air-tree will turn and only send winds to that direction.