The awesome origami umbrella


The Sa Umbrella is a highly impressive umbrella for quite a few reasons. At first glance, it looks like the umbrella got a minimalist upgrade. You don’t see the metal tip, the spokes, the imperfect folds when you close it, or the handle with the button/trigger just sitting there. The Sa Umbrella even goes so far as to hide the spiderweb of metal pipes that you see on the underside of the fabric once it’s open. Designed as a much-needed upgrade on the older umbrella, this one opts for a concealed magnetic opening mechanism, more durable and environment-friendly fabric, and a handle that just needs a twist to open, and a pull to close. Plus, it comes in such a brilliant blue, it’s sure to add a beautiful splash of color in an otherwise rainy, gloomy, grayscale landscape!

The Sa Umbrella is a winner of the Red Dot Award for the year 2015.

Designer: Justin Nagelberg