Wallet for the Warrior of the Concrete Jungle!

They say women overdose on bags and shoes. Men don’t have that fashion indulgence. I say you’re wrong! The quality and quantity of products for men on Kickstarter is good enough to rival any fashion label’s selection for women!

Combining the Kickstarter community’s affinity for wallets with its affinity for multi-tools, the Dango wallet is trendy and tactical at the same time. A wallet is a man’s everything, they say. It stores their identity, their value, and their business in it. However it is capable of much more than just layers of leather with an embossed logo. The Dango is literally your everything wallet… Built of the finest leather and precisely molded from aluminum, the Dango wallet comes in awesome and awesomer variants. Dango Dapper gives your wallet its much needed style upgrade. It retains a hint of leather, but is mainly Aluminum, keeping the construction sexy as well as sturdy. There’s a bottle opener built into the Aluminum frame, just to up your swag a little bit more! The Dango Tactical is Dapper’s cooler avatar, with an absolutely hardcore multitool concealed into its construction. So that’s literally your cash, and your means to protect your cash all bundled in one! Just don’t take this one on a flight, though!

All in all, the Dango is not just the wallet we men need… it’s the wallet we men deserve!

Designers: Thuan Tran & Charlie Carroll

Buy Now: $69.00













D01 Dapper Wallet


T01 Tactical Wallet