This Card Works for a Different Bank!


What IS a power bank? Just a phone without any of the fluff… just the battery. So pray, tell me, why are power banks so large and clunky?! Power Bricks, more like. Well, the Life Card isn’t like those hulking slabs of Lithium Ion you’ll find everywhere. Just like the phone you use, the Life Card is sleek… sleeker than your phone, to be honest!

Touted as the world’s thinnest and most compact power bank, the Life Card fits right into your wallet. Its brushed metal finish makes it go well with your Platinum Visas and Mastercards. The Life Card is compatible with your Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices (sorry Windows phone owners!), and comes with a 1500 mAh battery backup, which is pretty amazing for something that’s as small as your driver’s license. For all you know, you can keep two of these in your wallet!

Designer: PlusUs Studio

Buy Now: $49.95