The Productive You – Stand Up To Wake Up

Exhausted after reporting live from the Red Dot Awards event in Essen, it was almost two in the morning by the time my head touched the pillow. The only hitch was that my airport pickup was in three hours, and as expected, I snoozed through my phone alarm. Thank heavens, that my subconscious voice kinda jolted me out of bed, and I made it to the airport on time. Sounds like a familiar story, right? Well, Ruggie should have been there …

Winson Tam, the innovator of the Ruggie, has over-snoozed the alarm several times, and resonates with the feeling of being late. His main purpose in creating this unique rug + alarm – Ruggie, is to help people overcome the lure of the warm, comforting bed and kill laziness with a purposeful step.

Tam says that “Modern clocks make it too easy for us to snooze, we need something more effective.”

As a strong advocate of being productive in your morning-best, Tam says that since distractions are at their least, and our competition are still snoozing in bed, early risers have a productive edge.

Getting down to the features, Ruggie is essentially a carpet alarm, which requires you to step on it for at least 3 seconds, to stop the buzzing. No over-sleeping here buddy!

The bright LED Display doubles up as a nightlight and you can even kick-start your day with your favorite motivational quote.


  • Modern Look – Suits any room despite function
  • Touch Sensor – Effectively getting you out of bed (must stand for at least 3 seconds to stop alarm)
  • High Density Memory Foam – Incredible comfort
  • Customizable Alarm & Post Alarm Sounds – Daily Motivation to start the day
  • Minimalistic Design – Efficient and clears room space
  • Battery Life – well over 1 year – running on 3 AAA Batteries

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Tam moved to China, to pursue his entrepreneur instincts. As a person who always values time, especially after the loss of a close friend in a car accident, it seems only fitting that Ruggie be his next step in time management.

Drawing from his personal experiences, Tam figures that if each day he can wake up 5-minutes ahead of schedule, he can add up to 100 more days to his life – assuming that he lives to the age of 80.

“I’ve been an early bird ever since, but that habit didn’t come easy. Hence I made Ruggie, a rug where you need to get out of the bed to shut it, and hopefully it helps make it easy for everyone to build this habit.”

Ruggie is presently available at Kickstarter, get your rug alarm now!

Designer: Winson Tam [ Buy it Here ]