The Backpack You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Designers broadly aim for two reactions to their design. For other designers to go “I wish I had thought of that”, and for everyone else to go “I want to own that”. The Leather Duffle 6-in-1 backpack ticks both those boxes. In fact nothing I say here even matters because chances are you’re already in love with it, just like how I am. Let’s just put it here that the video above has garnered as many as 4 million views on our Facebook page in a span of 4 days.

For the people new to this marvel of good design and spectacular build, the Leather Duffle is a one-of-a-kind modular backpack that allows you to swap, switch, merge, and separate components to create the storage solution you need on a day-to-day basis. The Duffel is truly modular and comes in three main designs. The Pro stores your esseentials, providing a practical and light travel solution. The full size backpack has a 15 litre capacity, giving you enough storage for a day or two. The further beefed up Duffel gives you even more storage, making it perfect for travel. The magic is when these three individual storage units join together to form more personalized and integrated storage solution. Based on your needs, you can zip any of the two bags together to make one super-bag that takes care of all your needs! Even without the modularity, the bags are just incredibly classy and even more functional. The bags are beautifully compartmentalized, giving you segregated storage for everything, providing security to some of your belongings, and ease-of-access to others. The bags even come with hidden compartments for your secret stash (probably a bulk of Nickelback CDs, if you’re Mark Zuckerberg)! It even comes with a svelte looking travel pouch that makes overnight journeys and stays an absolute dream. The bags come available in absolutely delicious shades of leather. However, if you’re one of those animal lovers (like I am), the Duffle is even available in a deep dark colored canvas variant.

Completely exhaustive, and beautifully built, the 6-in-1 Duffle is designed not just to be your all-in-one travel kit, but to be the all-in-one travel kit that’ll surely make everyone jealous. This may just be the best backpack ever! (And right in time for the holiday season, no less!)

Designer: Johnathan Webster

Buy The Voyager Leather Set Here: $475.00 $600.00