A Twist on the Gas Mask


When we think of gas masks, we immediately envision goggles with a large contraption placed over the mouth. That’s because the design has largely gone unchanged over the years. Perhaps this cumbersome design is not the best solution.

The Espire gas mask explores the use of modern material technologies that allow for a lighter, slimmer, sleeker form that enhances comfort by literally turning the archetypical mask upside down! The spin-on filter is now located at the top of the mask to accommodate a transparent mouth section. The air flow is guided in a linear stream from the top of the mask, where the air first interacts with the visor to keep it free from fog. The air then flows through a valve in a divider between the viewing and mouth area. Afterwards the air is exhaled through the outlet valve located at the chin, insuring no exhaled air comes into contact with the visor‘s viewing area. This unobstructed vision is particularly useful for painters, varnishers, and other’s who rely heavily on their sight.

As a bonus, the wearer’s communication is much more effective during wear as the transparent mouth section doesn’t interfere with speech and their lips can actually be read!

Designer: Carlos Schreib