– Compressed Living


If you really look at architecture, it’s nothing but vertical walls between a floor plane and a ceiling plane. If those walls were collapsible, your entire house wouldn’t be more than a meter in thickness. The ShelterPack is a disaster relief home that fits a bedroom (with 4 beds), bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, and a dining space (with furniture) into a slab just about 80 centimeters in height. The entire apartment can be set up in just a few hours by elevating the ceiling, and putting the walls in place.

The ShelterPack is ideal for places struck by disaster. When compressed, each pack is small enough to be carried in a semi-automatic truck. In bulk! Imagine giving comfortable homes to a 100 refugees/victims with just two such trucks!

The ShelterPack was awarded the Golden award at the A’ Design Awards 2016.

Designer: Hakan Gürsu (Designnobis)