A Car-Substituter, Scooter Commuter!

It’s our natural tendency to make things slimmer and more powerful. The personal computers we use became smaller and smaller till they finally began fitting in our pocket a decade back. And now they’re less than 8mm thick. However, that trend never really caught on with the automotive industry. If we project the computer-to-mobile trend cycle onto automobiles as we see them today, we’d get the CityGo Urban. The CityGo Urban is a motorized scooter that acts as a compact personal transportation vehicle. Think of it as the Segway’s cooler looking cousin.

The CityGo completely ups your transportation game with its remarkable design backed by incredible technology. Under the the CityGo’s petite exterior lies electronics that give you the best e-scooter experience money can offer. Simply kick the ground to get started and the CityGo will keep you cruising until you kick again to speed up, or you apply the brake. This interaction comes naturally to most scooter riders, and makes much more sense than a handlebar based acceleration system (the kind found in motorbikes). The motor’s power is enough to get you driving comfortably uphill too!

CityGo Urban truly explores the concept of urban transportation with its 3 mode system. People travel from point A to point B with varying urgency, and the e-scooter embraces that with its ability to operate in Novice, Normal and Sports mode. The automotive equivalent of a stroll, jog, and dash, the three modes allow you to travel at three speeds, going all the way up till 17.5mph… The ideal speed for hatching your Pokemon GO eggs, I believe. 😛

The greatest achievement in CityGo’s design in my opinion is its ability to fold into a carry-able board. Portability is a very strange term because automobiles are by definition portable. They locomote from one point to another. However, being able to carry the CityGo around WHEREVER you go, regardless of terrain, makes it truly portable. It also comes with a shoulder bag the size of a golf bag, into which the folded scooter can be stored. Even with its portable design, it doesn’t compromise on functionality. It comes with a kickstand, a charging port for the electric battery, a regenerative braking system that charges said battery every time you brake, and ultimately, an app that gives you the most holistic e-scooter experience you can dream of.

So hop on and experience the most uniquely brilliant urban drive of the future!

Designer: Jason Lee

Buy It Here: $629 $1050