Ten handy products to organize your wardrobe

I think the most terrifying millennial issue these days is – a messy wardrobe! It doesn’t matter how hard you try to organize it, how many excessive clothing items you throw away, or how inspired you get by Marie Kondo, somehow your closet always makes it back to the Messy Kingdown. My wardrobe is always a chronic mess, and just when I’d given up all hope of it ever transforming into a visual pleasure, I came across some interesting products. From a hanger that rotates like the hands of a clock to a smart shoe closet to store your shoes – here is a collection of innovative, budget-friendly, and handy products designed to help you meet your closet goals! Not only do these products make your clothes easy to locate, cutting down the time you take to get ready in the morning by half, they also make it just a tad bit more aesthetic. Which of these nifty products can you not wait to try?!

1. Ploud

To give us an intriguing alternative to hanging clothes more seemingly, so they don’t lose their ironing, and are deodorized like the fragrance of the sky by time: Dawn, morning, evening, night; a Korean designer has conceived the Ploud. Ploud is basically a versatile hanger, which allows you to hang clothes in two ways: Hang them as you would traditionally or fasten them conveniently. For instance shirts, pants, coats, dresses, etc can be hung as usual, while the accessories like ties, mufflers, bags, hats, etc can be clipped. This interesting hanger concept is pretty different from a plethora of hangers we have seen and used in our time. This is nothing like the usual plastic, metal, wooden or travel, lingerie, dress, or pant hangers out there.

2. The Samsung AirDresser

The wardrobe has space for six hanging garments and includes a set of weighted hangers for helping pull the wrinkles out of pants. The AirDresser is safe to use for suits, woolen clothes, knits, down, fur, leather, and denim making it super versatile and functional. Samsung also mentions that it is good to be used to clean babywear (definitely a lot of cycles there!), toys, and even bedding. I think the bedding bit is so important because the traditional washer-dryer ties my bedsheet into such knots and we all know ‘entanglements’ aren’t good (right, Smiths?). It also saves water and makes it easier for the elderly to do their laundry! The Sanitize Cycle program uses high-temperature steam which can remove 99% of common bacteria and dust mites.

3. The Hurdle Hanger

Most hangers aren’t really consciously designed because they always play the second fiddle to the most important items in the wardrobe… the clothes. The Hurdle Hanger, on the other hand, is conscientiously designed to make sure it supports and protects the clothes you wear. It comes with a slightly deformed, asymmetric design that gives it strength as well as the ability to hold all your clothes. Its unique form lets you slide shirts and tees into it in a mere second, without stretching the neck-hole. The same form gives the Hurdle its ability to easily hold scarves, as well as easily hang pants from. A larger loop (the c-type hook) on one end of the hanger even supports belts, letting you hang them by the buckle.

4. The ShoeSpace Stacking Shoe Organizer

The ShoeSpace Stacking Shoe Organizer is perfect for organizing your kicks! You can place the organizer inside your wardrobe, or you could hang it on your wall, making your shoes easily accessible and within your reach. You won’t need to maneuver through piles of your shoes or go hunting into shoe racks in search of your favorite sneakers. It stores each pair of shoes separately. You can organize 10 pairs of shoes in a space that is 18 inches high, 30 inches long, and 12 inches deep. You can place multiple ShoeSpaces one on top of the other, creating the ultimate shoe storage section! Quite cool, no?

5. The BUNKE Foldable Drawer Clothing Organizer

The BUNKE Foldable Drawer Clothing Organizer makes picking out your outfit every morning super easy! Tired of sifting through piles of clothes in the hopes of finding that black sweater you love? Well, the BUNKE allows you to fold and lock individual pieces of clothing within it. You simply place your favorite black sweater into BUNKE, fold it, secure it shut, and then place it into your closet. It perfectly organizes your clothing, and also makes them super easy to locate. BUNKE is created from a flexible and compostable type of plastic, hence you can fit it into even the tightest of corners!

6. The Compact Hanger

Look at the Compact Hanger and you’ll notice that the hook is almost recessed into the hanger’s form… sort of like the hanger is shrugging. Drape your clothes over the Compact Hanger and suspend it in your wardrobe you’ll notice two things. A. Your clothes hang closer to the hanging rod, and B. Those 6-8 inches reappear as free space at the bottom of your wardrobe, allowing you to stack boxes, clothes, folders, appliances, or a bunch of other items, increasing your wardrobe’s storage capacity by a cool 10-15%. Designed in Italy (a fact that doesn’t surprise me, considering how design and fashion-centric that entire country is), the Compact Hanger’s defining feature is that shrugged design.

7. The Coat Check Chair

The Coat Check Chair is a winner of multiple design awards, including the coveted IDEA award and the Spark award. Flipping traditional furniture (and wardrobe) design on its head, the chair comes in a stainless-steel frame and even across different powder-coated color options. You can even choose the color of the hanger, giving you the feeling of choosing your furniture’s upholstery! The hangers can be used as seats, or periodically even in your wardrobe to hang your garments. When you’re done, slide them back into the chair, giving them more meaning, purpose, and visibility than they would get somewhere in a dark corner in your stuffy closet!

8. The COMODO Shoe Closet

Meet the COMODO shoe closet that doubles as a pouf to sit on while you wear your freshly cleansed pair of sneakers for the weekend basketball game. The name is derived from the Spanish word “Cómodo” which means convenient and pleasant in Spanish. Design Studio Designer Dot and designer Hyeona Cho have ideated a cool shoe closet loaded with new-age sanitization tech to keep your pair of shoes moisture-free and free from any bacterial or fungal build-ups. The much-wanted appliance comes with HEPTA filter (seen on most air purifiers), UV lamp (for effective germ protection) and scent filter (to make you want to wear those shoes).

9. Laundroid

Chuck your clean, dry, out-of-the-laundry clothes into the Laundroid’s lowest compartment and two robotic hands grab your garments and hold them up against a scanner that uses image recognition and superior AI to determine the cloth type and the best method for folding it. The robotic arms then use a patented process to align the clothes in the correct manner and fold them impeccably, finally storing them in the upper compartment, segregated and ready to wear. A single knob on the top of the Laundroid allows you to set the time by which you need the laundry folded and the bots get to work almost immediately.

10. Emotion Hanger

Jinwook Lee’s Emotion Hanger is a thought bubble in the avatar of a wardrobe accessory. Its quirky design features the traditional triangular apparel-hanging design, however, its hanging hook is styled like a question mark. A question mark that rotates to turn into an exclamation mark when you select an outfit! The way you use an Emotion Hanger is rather simple. All your outfits stay hung and organized in your wardrobe, with the ‘?’ symbol hovering right above them. In the process of selecting an outfit, you rotate the hanger’s triangular element to make the outfit face you. When you find the perfect outfit, the hanger’s ‘?’ effectively turns into a ‘!’ as a sort of exclamation that you’ve found the perfect outfit!