NOOK Built-in Water Purifier will look great in that small corner of the kitchen

NOOK Built-in Water Purifier Specs

Gone are the days when home and kitchen appliances come in boring designs. Instead, we live in an era where manufacturers and brands can afford to bring aesthetics into the mix. As a result, it is no longer the case of form over function because it can be both when the topic is good design.

There is so much you can do these days in the kitchen. You can plan this part of the house to be a place for mealtime and family time. Of course, it would be best if you effectively managed the kitchen, but you can only do so with a well-organized and efficient kitchen.

Designer: Hyunbin Yang

NOOK Built-in Water Purifier Concept

Planning for a new kitchen is not just about the room layout or the finishing touches. It is also not dependent on what kitchenware or smart appliances you own. A beautifully designed kitchen combines visual delight and functional design. The look and feel you get when inside the kitchen must always be positive, followed by a feeling of satisfaction once you are finished using it.

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NOOK Built-in Water Purifier

Perhaps one of the more critical areas in the kitchen is the sink. It is where you clean the dishes and everything you use to prepare a delicious meal. It is where water, an essential element of nature, runs out. Unfortunately, clean water coming out of the kitchen faucet is not common in some parts of the world, so a purifier is needed.

You can choose from the plenty of water purifiers in stores and then install them quickly, but few look attractive. Most of those models we see are not visually appealing. Some are an eyesore, so it is about time such water purifiers arrive with a design that will work and look well put together with other kitchen items.

NOOK Built-in Water Purifier Features

Built-in water purifiers are preferred, but you can also have something that looks as inviting as the NOOK Built-in Water Purifier. Designed by South Korean Hyunbin Yan, this water purifier can be installed in the corner. It will not interfere with the rest of your sink or kitchen counter because of its slim and sleek build. It does not take much space in a small sink, so it can be the perfect choice for tiny homes or apartments.

NOOK Built-in Water Purifier Design

NOOK Built-in Water Purifier Information

The NOOK Built-in Water Purifier features an attachable drip tray. In addition, there is a magnet at the bottom of the body that can be customized to the user’s preference. At first glance, it looks like a sleek coffee machine, but it is just a purifier. Water comes out when you touch the black button you see on top. The amount of water and temperature can also be set with a touch of the controller.

The designer made this water purifier customizable via the pattern plate you see on the outer surface. This is so it can match whatever interior and style. The head of the outlet can also be adjusted by moving it up or down. This is helpful so you can adjust the cup size.

Concept NOOK Built-in Water Purifier

NOOK Built-in Water Purifier