This wardrobe will fold your clothes

You look at the pictures below and your eye scans past the wardrobe. Like most wardrobes, it’s designed to store clothes, and to complement the decor of your house. However, that’s just what your eye tells you. What you don’t see is that the Laundroid is a robot more than it is a wardrobe.

Chuck your clean, dry, out-of-the-laundry clothes into the Laundroid’s lowest compartment, and two robotic hands grab your garments and hold them up against a scanner that uses image recognition and superior AI to determine the cloth type and the best method for folding it. The robotic arms then use a patented process to align the clothes in the correct manner and fold them impeccably, finally storing them in the upper compartment, segregated and ready to wear. A single knob on the top of the Laundroid allows you to set the time by which you need the laundry folded and the bots get to work almost immediately. However, they do fold only one garment at a time, and it’s said that the Laundroid can fold pretty much anything except socks (?!). What the Laundroid does is nothing short of unique. It uses actual robotic arms to fold your clothes in a manner that’s almost like having a human do it. The fact that it can even identify different types of clothes, from tees to formal shirts, and from pants, to skirts, gowns, and even innerwear, is a marvel of modern machine learning. The only thing that bothers me is not being able to see the wardrobe in action. The video pixelates parts of the technology following patenting reasons.

Seven Dreamers, the company behind Laundroid, plan to launch the world’s smartest wardrobe around March this year. Until then, you’ll have to fold your own clothes I’m afraid. Especially your socks.!

Designer: Seven Dreamers