Eco-friendly coffee pod brand pairs product with sustainable packaging

As a regular (addicted) coffee drinker, I use different methods to get my caffeine fix. Most of the time I just use a good ole coffee brewer but when I need a sort-of espresso fix, my coffee pod machine is the most convenient way since I don’t have an actual espresso machine. However we know that this isn’t the most environmentally-friendly way to consume coffee. But we’re seeing several brands come up with a more sustainable way forward for the k-cup industry.

Designer: Zenpack for Cambio

Cambio Roasters is one such brand that came up with organic coffee pods that were made up of just two materials: #5 polypropylene plastic and aluminum. But they didn’t want to just stop with the pods but come up with sustainable packaging as well. Zenpack created this container with eco-friendly materials that can serve also as a mini recycling bin for the pods before you bring them to the actual recycling bin.

The container is made from molded pulp with added vertical ribs to give it more structure. It is able to hold 10 pods both for when it is shipped and for when you want to hold your used pods. Even the label is sustainable as it’s a glue-free belly band with a tear strip. All of the elements of this packaging can be thrown into a larger receptacle recycling bin. The container can also be used as a temporary compost bin for your coffee grounds and other kitchen scraps.

With people becoming more conscious with how they consume products, it is good that more sustainable brands are emerging. We stan these brands that not only think of their main products but also their packaging, which can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.