Pokit It Good

Pages have been written about savvy Smartphones and how little their batteries last. Portable charger adaptors are a great answer, but they too need to be well designed to compliment the sleekness of the Smartphones. The Pokit fits in here somewhere … it is an integrated phone charger-adaptor, external battery and storage pocket that is compact and portable.

The one clever feature is that the USB cable sealed inside the fabric pocket can be connected to charge the smart device. No wonder it snapped the Red Dot Award: Design Concept this year!

Designers: ACE Group, iFace – Kim Jinseok, Jang Junyoung, Jeon Seyong, Koo Yoori, Park Jungjun & Shin Jungwon


  • Thomas says:

    Nice! A tampon for your phone…

  • ?? ??? says:

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  • Iv An says:

    My phone has 6AH battery. That eliminates the problem.

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